Weekend Update

Happy Weekend Tappers!

It’s been just over a week now since Level 33 hit our devices. Some of you might be right in the middle of the Level (after all it does take about 11 days with out Donuts) and others might be finished with Level 33, donut users like me (I like to think we keep EA in business with our donut buying), and hungry for more. Addicts was designed for tappers on both end of the donut world, and everyone in-between, and (I hope) our posts reflect it. So if you’ve missed anything from the Addicts team this week here’s your chance to catch up!

-The Tapped Out Walkthroughs for all of level 33 were posted this week. So if your looking for level 33 help you can find the Walkthroughs (with full dialogue) here:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Arnie Pye Premium Walkthrough
Here Comes the Sunsphere

-While we’re on the topic of Walkthroughs, we’ve added Walkthroughs for almost every level to our Tapped Out Walkthrough page. So if you haven’t reached level 33 yet and need some help with a lower level be sure to check out our Walkthrough Page, if you don’t see the level you’re currently working on keep checking back we’re adding new levels everyday.

-Krustyland has made it’s debut on TSTO addicts. Details including Walkthroughs, premium items, character tasks, Krust-o-Meter guides and much more have all been added to the Addicts Krustyland page.

-Complete premium content guides have been added and updated to include level 33. So if you’re thinking about making a donut purchase be sure to check out our Ultimate Premium Guide first to see which items are worth the investment.

-The Wookiee made his debut on TSTO Addicts this week with several great posts. In particular TSTO future content requests which can be found on our Tapaholic Requesterinos Page.

-Wookiee also provided us with valuable 2D how to’s, including a “super” Milhouse 2D. You can check out all of his 2D how to’s here.

-Speaking of 2D….Bunny also made her debut on Addicts this week, with a hilarious how to on Professor Frink. Check it out here!

-Nick provided us with some valuable Sunsphere insight and it’s connection to The Simpsons. He also provided us a look behind the game at the voices of Tapped Out and what it means for the future of the game. Be sure to check both of those articles out!

-The readers of Addicts were also treated to a highlight video of the new Springfield at Universal Studios in Orlando Florida. That can be viewed here.

-A new TSTO Tapper? Our New Tappers Guide has been updated with all sorts of goodies for new tappers (and old)

-And finally we can’t end the weekend update without, perhaps, the best post of the week…Wookiee’s TSTO Anonymous post. A great post for the TSTO addict in ALL of us!

It’s been a great week here at TSTO Addicts and there’s still a lot more in store in the coming weeks. Be sure to check Addicts everyday for your daily dose of all things Tapped Out!

Until next time,
Happy Tapping Friends have a great weekend!

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  1. Well done for keeping up with all these varied posts. Here’s to next week

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