What a Wookiee wants… MORE SQUIDPORT PLEASE!!! (Part One)

Hello Addicts!  I am Wookiee and I’m a tapaholic.  So, while we all wait for Level 34, my friends over at www.tapped-out.co.uk. started talking about when we might see the new level.  This made me wonder and I suddenly thought, how cool would it be for EA to give us more Squidport in honor of America’s Labor Day holiday?  As this is the last weekend we Americanos go to the beach in droves, this would be perfect.

We all know that TILE is a four letter word but honestly, I enjoy my Squidport (or SqP for serious addicts lol).  I do wish that EA had given my townsfolk more missions for it but here’s to hoping for the future.  Here are some things I’ve found that I want in my SqP.
Bloaters would fit in perfectly and add another restaurant.
The Shell Shack just cracks me up because of it’s fallen lettering.
The Simpsons has always been about good puns and this is yet another grand one.
Moe’s Brewing Company…  so great because it just ended up being a long tunnel to the bar.  In 3 of the last 4 pics, Homer and Marge are dressed up fancy.  I think it’d be great for them to have a joint task where they are in these outfits and stroll up and down the SqP.
SqP could be just the place for the Noiseland Video Arcade to be introduced since it was located there during an episode.  Forget Jimbo and Dolph though, what about Howard?

He could have a mission to train Homer in the Arcade.  Ok…  I want Jimbo and Dolph too but can wait for them so Nelson can continue to train to beat them up.
Fish’n’Fries and The Tiki Bar would just be perfect as a smaller buildings for the SqP.

I just want to see the Squid pop up in the ocean sometimes or better yet it to be an animated task with Horatio McAllister aka the Sea Captain.

Well, hope y’all like these ideas.  I am a secret hoper that one of the tapperinos on this site is an EA mole aka Underpaid intern (lol) and our ideas actually get discussed and laughed at by those wonderful programmers.  I know one thing for certain.  Right now Squidport feels like the pic below and I really would love to see this change.

Stay tuned for Part Deux of this with a couple more ideas for SqP.  Happy tapa-tapa-tapping every one!
Brought to you by WoOkIeEcOrP…  Ripping arms out of sockets since 1977.

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