Wookieecorp brings you… DUFFMAN

So, a couple people have asked me why I am so in to 2D.  Other than the fact that the art gives me enjoyment, I really do feel it adds a certain something to a town.  I love art period and this is just one more type.  It is a real pleasure to see what people can create using such strange items.  My latest go at this was Duffman.  As always, it all starts with an image.

I started with his hat which was a bear to do.  Originally the hat was only made of mailboxes but to add definition, I used the snapdragons to add some definition.  I’d previously tried using these for outlines without success.  The 25 dollar bushes tend to look the best but I’m pleased with the results.  The lettering in the hat took some doing but instead of enlarging the image, stuck to my guns and settled for what I had.

Next, I moved on to Duffmans glasses which took some tweaking.  They ended up being larger than the hat I’d made so it was back to the drawing board to make the cap bigger.  I took this pic to show the difference between the two.

You can see I initially planned on using the dark green bushes for my outline but they just didn’t look right as I worked on Duffman’s ear.  Switched to just plain bushes and continued on with the rest of his face.  With the hat and glasses solidly done, this was fairly easy with the exception of the mouth.  If you look at the glasses you can see I made one smaller (Duffman’s right) and smoothed the edges of the other.

The mouth was moderately difficult and resulted in some changes but with the mailboxes for the tongue was kinda cool.  I originally had more small bushes around the edges (above) but decided the solid black looked better.  I used the propane tanks for teeth and for Duffmans hair. 

Next I decided to use the logo on his shirt to create a big logo for my town.  My first inclination was to recreate the entire image but as I’m in the middle of a redesign, opted to make a themed Duff area instead and this logo seemed perfect.  I tried both green and grey for the background… grey was much better.

Looks like Barney may have had a but too much at the Brewery.

Last step in the process was to situate the Brewery, Stadium and Party bus.  With some parking spots and a road, plus fencing for security, Wookieecorp gives you Duff Gardens.

Included the original image here for comparison’s sake.  Ultimately, it is every individuals’ opinion whether 2D makes an area better.  Everyone may not have the same amount of space or game dollars available, but the options for this are only limited to your imagination.  Whether it is your Springfield or Krustyland, there is lots of fun to be had.  Hope this helps spark the creativity of at least one Tapperino.  TTFN, Wookiee out!


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