SPOILERS: Level 35 News Thanks to SpAnser!

Have you all checked out spAnser’s new site?  I say new, but really it’s been around for a little while now.  Courtesy of spAnser and his TSTO News team we have Level 35 spoilers!  I’m so excited I feel like a kid at Christmas!

If you want to know more about the next update click read more…if not check out the other great posts on Addicts!  

Looks like Level 35 will, FINALLY, bring us Patty and Selma!  Woohoo!  Anticipated to drop tomorrow (9.12.13) spAsner’s team has uncovered tons of level 35 goodies!

Because the Addicts team FULLY respects the hard work spAnser and his team have put into the uncovering the update information, we won’t be posting any anticipated images, content only.  If you’d like to see the full details, images included, of level 35 check out TSTONews.

In addition to Patty and Selma it looks like we’ll be getting…..
Jub Jub!
Disco Stu (woohoo! But he will be premium)

Springfield DMV
Spinster City Apartments
Springfield Pet Shop
Disco Stu’s

Some great new decorations are included as well…
DMV Limo
Popsiclestick Stu
Popsiclestick Patty & Selma
Popsiclestick Selma

Looks like the costs will be as follows:
DMV- $80,000 (not too bad!)
Spinster City Apartments- $130,500
Disco Stu’s (where you’ll unlock Stu)- 180 Donuts
Springfield Pet shop (unlocks Jub Jub)- 90 Donuts
DMV Limo- 50 Donuts
Popsiclestick Stu- $8,300
Popsiclestick Patty & Selma- $8,300

Again this is just a RUMORED update, via the game files (we assume).  We’d like to thank spAnser and the TSTONews team AGAIN for their hard work in uncovering the details!

As always AS SOON as the update drops the Addicts team will have FULL coverage for our readers!    Mark (whom I’ve dubbed the donut king) will have walkthroughs up and ready to go shortly after the update is out, I’ll give you all the ins and outs of the new premium items and if you should spend or save those donuts, and Wookiee and Bunny will bring you complete coverage of level 35 as well!

Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!!

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