EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! My favorite Holiday is just around the corner. This Bunny has always enjoyed the fun, games, dressing up, trick-or-treating, Haunted Houses, and all that goes along with this silly little event. Being an Android user, I wasn’t able to enjoy the fun and excitement of TSTO during last years Halloween event, so I am really looking forward to see what cool items they launch on us this year.

To celebrate this upcoming event, us crazy tappers here at Addicts have come up with our own little treat bag of FREE DONUTS!! (no tricks involved) for our readers. Read more about it here:

Just for fun, I wanted to show my own Halloweenish 2D I have put in place for the occasion. (No worries, none of us Addicts are participating in the competition, it is for YOU…not us. 🙂 )

So let’s begin. Right now I am high off of my own city’s first Comic Con, and have soooo many ideas going through my head, however one ALWAYS stands out around this time of year, and has for years. NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS. LOVE this movie. Tim Burton really speaks to my dark side of humor. I love the way he makes simple little things twisted and demented, much like my mind. 🙂

On to my 2D. For this particular design, I was no where near a computer so I had to go off of the little movies playing in my head. Yah, I watch movies in my head. So? Doesn’t everyone? 😛 Using mental images of my favorite characters, I started off with Jack. I used his eyes first to determine just what look I wanted. I used snapdragons. He has soooo many expressions during the movie. I decided to go with the more devious look.

Now to make his face. At this point I thought I would see what his nicer expression looked like. Again, no picture for this one. All just the madness in my head. I added the stitching to his mouth to give it a lil extra details. I originally outlined his face with snapdragons, but switched to adding trash cans instead.

Now that I had the general idea for the design, I decided it was too plain. Needed more. So I shrunk his head down and moved him up a lil more. Then I added his Bat bow tie, cuz bow ties are cool…especially bat ones. 🙂

It still was too simple, so I decided to try to give him a lil more expression. Looked ok. Then I tried filling him all in. BLAH. Did not like that at all.

He looked too nice, so back to my Evil Jack that I love. Much better. Look at that devious grin. Hehehehehe.

Hmmmmm. Still too simple. What to do? Give him his sidekicks. Sally & Zero! So on I went to create Sally. Her eyes first. Used the usual propane tanks. They started out a little funny looking, so I moved them around until they looked better. She needed blue eyeshadow, so I gave her that too using the lawn chairs.

Now for the rest of the face. Mouth, nose, and scars (notice I expanded her eyes out more). I used her hair to arrange around her features and kinda form the shape of her face. The newspaper dispensers worked great for the red in her hair and lips.

Now for her outfit. This took a bit as I just didn’t like any of the decorations I was using so far on her center dress patches (little flower patch and orange cones). Tried this and that. Moving placements and directions. It still just didn’t look right.

So I tried something different.  Who would’ve thought that broke down washers would work. Garbage bins and trash cans complimented each other too. It actually started to take shape better. Even the wooden fences started to look more like her sleeve. The small hedges still looked fine on the other one.

Now with Sally set, it was on to Zero. He is pretty much just a floating ghost, so using trash cans, I left his outline spaced out to give appearance that he was ghostly. Moved items around until I felt his face shape looked the way it should. Tried something different for the collar with the training wall, but it was just to large. Newspaper dispensers looked better. Gave him eyes. Then I added a lil orange nose for him with another broke down washer. Not as glowy as I would’ve liked, but it worked.

Now I placed it all together to see how it looked. I adjusted a lil more here n there, filled in holes, and move Jack’s angles just slightly so it looks as though he is “coming out of the picture”.

….and here is my finished product.

I hope this helps to stimulate some creativity in our readers. I really want to see lots and lots of 2Ds. I don’t care what level you think you are at, or if you do not think yours are good enough. ANY LEVEL, ANY STYLE, ANY AT ALL!! Show them to me. Remember, I started out simple. I made some very very very odd n horrible things, but I learned from each and everyone. I still am learning. Trying to get better. Trying to improve.  I love seeing other work. It inspires me, including the simplistic ones. So PLEASE…enter our contest. Show us what you got. Make a Bunny happy. 🙂

Until next time… BUNNY


  1. Awesome art (and blogging) Lite-Brite! 🙂

    BTW: I chuckle (and get a silly look on my face) if I even think the words… ‘Sandy Claws’

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