Pictures say a thousand words

Hey there Addicts! With all the speculation about future updates, we may sometimes forget just why we love this game so much and hopefully it is because we love The Simpsons.

I enjoyed the last post I did which was just screenshots so I decided to do it again for your “looking” pleasure. We all know I love to ramble away at words and ideas so consider this your scheduled break from my regular barrage lol.








Gotta love Lisa and Maggie fencing.

I probably should end this mini-post here but just because I think funny pictures bring laughter (which ultimately extends your lifespan giving you much more time to play TSTO and visit Addicts), here’s a couple stand alone images I find hilarious.

bart cupcakes



bart slh grandpa

You stay classy Tapperinos! Wookiee out!

7 responses to “Pictures say a thousand words

  1. Oh that made me smile. Got in a wreck a few hours ago. Pretty bummed but all will be well. At least I can still tap.


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