It Ain’t Easy Being a Gypsy-Walkthrough Part 1


Splash Screen

First step is to build a Gypsy Fortune Teller Shop. Build will take 24hrs. 2000$ in game cash is the cost (LOVE THAT PRICE!!)

2Bart: I think our house is haunted. Last night I heard ghostly moans and shrieks, and I saw a strange figure draped in chains.

Homer: That was me wearing a chain of 50 sausage links. The shrieking was me later realizing I’d eaten them all.

Lisa: As always, there’s a perfectly logical although disturbing explanation.

Homer: Yes. But there were also ghosts.

Marge: What?! Our house is haunted? We better call in a trained professional.

Homer: We can’t afford that. Let’s go see an unlicensed quack.

1Now, where exactly did the building come from? From Treehouse of Horror XII-Gypsy Fortune Teller. (hex an the city)


Here is a little breakdown of what happened. Homer and family stumble upon her basement shop while in “Ethnictown”.


Homer stumbles into a candelabra just after getting caught in her door beads as he is trying to leave. He catches fire. Causes fire sprinklers to come on and “ruin her”. She shoulda saw that one coming. Lol. She curses him. Says he will ruin everyone’s lives.

21 20 19

Bad things do start happening like Marge with quite the beard and mustache combo…which later covers her entire Body. While Homer was strangling Bart, his neck is stretched very long (he ends up dying). Lisa ends up like a Centaur. Maggie is a cute lil lady bug.

17 16 18

Homer is told the only way to break the curse is a leprachaun, so using lucky charms as bait…he sets a trap and catches one. (Look familiar? It is same one from St Patty’s Day Event).


He takes him to the Fortune Teller to attack her. He starts to, but soon ends up kissing her. Lol. They end up getting married, by YODA I might add (made my geek giggle).


Keep your peepers open. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much more to come.


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      Sorry you’re having issues. New event brings new glitches. May be just millions of users all at once. Give it a bit.

      If not try restart phone.

  3. How do you get gremlins? When i visited friends i just got normal money and xp?

  4. Did anyone else have their experience points needed to hit the bonus level jump to over 2 million (2,272,524 to be exact) with the update?

    • Not personally seen it…but checking into it now. Mine still says 212,400 to hit my 3rd or 4th jump…I will see what happens on next level up and let you know what happens or if other reports. Odd though. But…each new item brings new glitches. LOL

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