Update is Here For EVERYONE!

Photo Oct 01, 12 53 17 PM

1:20pm: Update is live on Android!  Guys this update is seriously amazing!  More info coming soon.  This will be the last post on this thread.  Look for the what we know so far post coming soon!  Have fun!

1:10pm:  Springfield is dark…and leaves are falling.  Ghosts are flying all over the place.  The new in game currency is popping ghosts and collecting their goo.  Game lasts 36 days (until November 7th).

1:05pm (est): You’ll need 2,000 in game cash to build the Gypsy Fortune Teller Store to start things off.  It takes 24 hours to build.

12:50pm (est): It you’re playing on an Apple device the update is here! Check your iTunes store for the App Update!  It’s installing as we speak on mine!

Android users…my phone is standing by waiting the update!  I’ll let you know as soon as it’s here…

Bart auto starts the task….and leaves are falling in Springfield!

15 responses to “Update is Here For EVERYONE!

  1. Add: mkyumae83

  2. Add me: Thomaswall649

  3. ok taking five, visited all friends who have updated. any who dont have goo by tomorrow will be deleted, sorry

  4. I have no ghosts in my town or new decorations or buildings listed. Is anyone having the same experience.

  5. I run on bluestacks, sometimes it doesn’t get the hint. I’m quitting and reloading now! Totally jazzed

  6. I went to the playstore and searched tapped out and got my update from there lol

  7. You can see zombies bobbing in the water occasionally as well lol

  8. im seeing 12 donuts to speed thru first build on another site, lol thats an easy decision.

  9. Android is here too….GET TO TAPPIN!! 🙂

  10. Thanks Alissa, on android also and checking it fanatically every couple of mins

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