Where on earth did those lil Green Gremlins come from? Alissa did a great job touching on and explaining just what they are for our happy lil tapping fingers here and here, but I wanted to let you know just exactly where they came from as far as the Treehouse of Horror Episodes.

Treehouse of Horror IV. (Terror at 5 1/2 Feet…a spoof from Twilight Zone “Nightmare at 20,000 feet”. )

Bart and the other kids are riding to school as they normally do, or so they think. When a wheel falls off and the bus crashes into an oncoming truck. Well, that was just Bart’s dream to start of the mini-sode. He wakes in a pool of “sweat”. He is visibly shaken when he boards the bus for school in the rain the next morning.

Lisa makes sure everyone is “nice” to him. (Pay no attention to Martin’s t-shirt. Lol…just keep looking at the pics.)

En route, Bart looks out the window and notices something on the side of the bus. The gremlin smiles at him and proceeds to tear into the bus.

He freaks out and begs Otto to do something about the, “gremlin on the side of the bus.” Otto said he will take care of it. Otto runs the “gremlin” off the road. Poor Moleman and his Gremlin car.

The real Gremlin continues to reak havoc on the bus. Bart tries to get everyone to look at the “Monster on the bus”, but again…nothing is there when they do.

Cut to Kang and Kodos watching from their space ship and laughing at the puny earthlings frightened of a creature that “does not exist.” Or so they thought.

Meanwhile the Gremlin still taunts Bart. He starts to lose it. Worrying even his best friend Millhouse.

ico_thoh_stor_gremlins_03 (1)

Bart watches helplessy from the window as the Gremlin then starts messing with the wheels, making Bart flashback to the nightmare of his own firey death.

He screams to stop the bus or their gonna die. Thinking he has gone insane, they tie him up with the bridal Willie had from his mule (he had to put 17 bullets in it…wouldn’t work in the mud). He is able to convince the “foreign exchange boy” (Uter Zorker) to set him free.

He quickly tries to find a way to stop the Gremlin. He locates the emergency flares and opens the window.

Just before they Willie and Skinner pull him back in, he is able to toss the flare at the Gremlin. It lights on fire, falls away from the bus, over Flanders car, and lands in the road.

Flanders gets out and picks him up. Oh look how cute, it’s tryin to claw his eyes out.

Finally at the school, Skinner and the others realize the damage. Bart has lost it and is hauled away to the mental institution.

At least he can finally get some rest…so he thinks…


I am sure we will all see MANY of these lil green creatures the entirety of the event. Just don’t get too close, they’ll poke your eye out.



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