Saturday: What’s in the ADDICT (Attic), BUNNY EDITION!

So here we are (in the USA anyway) on Saturday morning. You been up all night tapping and Goo collecting?  Thought so. Well, just to make sure you are on track for the prize at the end…try to collect 350-400 Goo canisters a day. You should be up to about 1500-1600 by the end of today in order to stay on track for all 10 prizes.  Grab a cup of “Joe” and rest that weary lil finger a bit for the last and final prize item for the Attic.

Oooooh a HAT in one of my popped ghosts (although I have been liking donuts more)! Weeeeee. No? Not much excitement? Too sleepy? Just get on with it? FINE! PICS AWAY!!




2013-10-05 06.42.57

So watch the new Treehouse of Horror episode tomorrow and come back here for information on the “special prize”.

There…happy now? NO??!! Well then you are HOPless. 😛


4 responses to “Saturday: What’s in the ADDICT (Attic), BUNNY EDITION!

  1. Skillz! Lol guess I need more practice haha

  2. I just caught a ghost glitch in your friends’ town. You can manage to get 6 ghosts if done correctly. Get the first four then find two close together. Tap them both quickly then you’ll have -1 on the ghost counter and an extra goo in your pocket! I tried getting more but that seems to be the limit lol

  3. My experience is 1000 GOO per day! I visit all of my 100 friends regularily. When I wake up at night I do 10 minutes – and leave gremlins! Normally after 3 or 4 hours without playing, I receive about 50 GOO from gremlins. So, you don’t have to think about HOW you get them. JUST HAVE FUN AND PLAY!

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