What a Wookiee Wants… HALLOWEEN EDITION

Hey there Ghostbusters!  Which one are you?  I always was partial to Dr. Egon Spengler.


Anywho… every other friday I get a soap box to tell you what I think should be added to the game and for the first time in quite a while, I find myself sated.

What’s that you say?  How can I have nothing that I want?  Well, I’ll tell you if you really want to know.

Of course there are awesome Simpsons items that I think would be great additions to the game, but this Halloween Event has quite literally blown my mind.  EA gave us sooooooo many awesome things and quite a few of them came for cheap, cheap price tags.  I am really happy with all the new content and I for one wouldn’t know what to do with anything extra right now.  Feels really ungrateful to want more right now.

What I really want right now is for all tappers and Addicterinos to enjoy all the awesomeness the game has to offer right now.

I also want every one to get all 10 of the personal goo prizes…

Photo Oct 07, 9 13 48 PM

and for the global community to gather 25 BILLION GOO so we get all 5 community prizes.

instructions community

I am feeling really unselfish this time around I suppose.  If I had to pick something to be added, my favorite items from the latest Halloween episode (Treehouse of Horror XXIV) were these:

Lisa Alice Costume and Hypnotoad (I really hope we get this guy at least with the Futurama crossover episode)

The Master of Horror (and my favorite author) Stephen King… Makes us much sense as Lincoln lol

There are so many strange and weird things from Halloween that could be added.  What I really want is just for this game to last a long, long time so the programmers and designers get to do another amayzazing update a year from now.

Alright, all this unselfishness is a ruse… what The Wookiee wants is Homer.  I know EA is working diligently to get this fixed but my Springfield just isn’t the same without him.  Who knows what shenanigans he’s up to in the Shadowlands and jeesh, I’ve heard of being late to work but this is getting unreal.  Homer was last seen at this location…

Lost Homer

Hopefully EA’s cloning hammock is working full speed and this problemo will be a ghost of Halloween past in no time.  I’ve heard the hammock even works for Lisa.


Homers across America… a Homer in every smart phone.  FREE HOMER!

Well fellow Addicts… this concludes WAWW for this time.  I’ll be back in two weeks for another installment.  Until then, you stay classy.  Wookiee out!

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  1. librarychic1 & catsndog777 & GOO_chic

    Maybe EA is starting another TSTO:
    Your Homer & my Lisa are missing…..maybe Stephen King has a plot to blow up all of time, addiction & life’s blood by blowing up Springfield again. After all, King’s books usually have a strong moral storyline plot such as “Needful Things”…..

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