Am I Possessed??!

Ever take a REALLY close look at the Ghost Possessions in action? It is really cool to catch it in as it happens in your game. First off…what does it look like when they do get posssessed? Well the ghost hovers close to form an attack and it happens REALLY QUICK…so don’t blink! They go in through the back of the head, light bursts out of their body, and WHOOSH…possessed.





Here is a quicker version.

bumblebeeman_haunted_attackedThere are a few limited tasks where Homer is possessed. Here is Homer on the task where he is possessed by Bont. (Lol @ that lil bum crack in the back.)

Homer Bont front

Homer Bont back

Then when Muade possesses him.


Last, but not least.  Here is just a “few” pics of people possessed around town. Which one is YOUR favorite?

(I added a gallery page just in case…when I say few…yah…LOTS).

Please to Enjoy.



9 responses to “Am I Possessed??!

  1. I love Rex banner’s, he’s like so what? Am I supposed to be scared?

    • That one did crack me up. He looks almost annoyed at being possessed. Like he’s irritated someone took him away from his “important” work and he is not amused. “Really ghost? Really? Right now? Ooooh I’m floating…how amusing…NOT! Are you done yet possessing me?”

  2. Do know how long they stay possessed if you don’t pop them?

    • If they are on a task…until it is over…the little thumbs up will pop up above them and stay until you tap it. Then it will release them from possession and payout the task. Otherwise until you pop them individually, with a bomb, or vac-u-bot

  3. So glad you got pictures of the possessions. I saw one once, but never again. Does Otto get possessed? can’t say I’ve seen it.

  4. It’s a tie between Moe and Shauna! This was fun and very creative ..thanks for sharing.

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