Where Did That Come From- FreakMobile and the Pumpkin Icon

You still here? Why aren’t you playing your game? You want to read stories instead? Wow…ummm…shoot….lemme think of something I can write about. I’m drawing a blank…..ummm…hang on….




What the heck is it? Well, it is yet another one of those lil blip items that only appeared for a short bit in a Treehouse of Horror episode (VIII-The Homega Man). In a play on Omega man (Wil Smith, I Am Legend, as well). Quimby offended the French and refuses to apologize. Marge is worried there will be war. Homer says his cardboard box bomb shelter will be enough. As the persistence of the family, he seeks out a new bomb shelter from Herman’s (Look familiar? I am sure it is in quite a few towns by now if you’ve built Hermans.) Meanwhile the French fire a nuclear missile. Homer, who was in Herman’s shelter, seems to be the only man left alive.

So of course he dances nakey at the church. While there he is approached by the undead left from the blast. Not wanting to join them he flees in a hearse. They follow in the Freakmobile and give chase to his house.

In the end, Marge and the kids shoot the undead.

Great Pumpkin Icon.


On to yet another item that you may not have even noticed as it is more an icon in your menu then an actual item in the game (though it would’ve been cool if EA actually had it as a character for purchase). It is that Pumpkin icon you see in your items menus that brings you directly to the Halloween 2013 goodies list. Now where exactly did it come from? Treehouse of Horror XIX (It’s the Great Pumpkin, Millhouse). In true mimic fashion, the characters now all resemble a Peanut comic strip. (Notice what costume Lisa is wearing? Look familiar?)

Millhouse is determined to stay at the pumpkin patch and see the Great Pumpkin instead of going to the school party. No one believes him it will come. His tear brings the massive pumpkin to life.

He offers it some pumpkin bread. Then after it eats it, Millhouse tells it that the ingredients are actual pumpkins. The Great Pumpkin can’t believe it and goes on a rampage to exact revenge.

In the end, the Thanksgiving Turkey kills him by using his cornucopia til literally “blow his brains out”. Then of course proceeds to pick up where it left off and devours kids.

Two more items in your little game with a bit of background story. Are you getting sick of these yet? Want more? Less? Want a cookie?


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  1. It’s actually the Grand Pumkin, not Great Pumkin, thats a different cartoon. 🙂

    • Exactly why I called it the Great Pumpkin…it is a rip off of that character. 😉

      It was only an icon last year (when this post was made) they actually brought him in and gave him the Simpson name this year.

  2. Martin has vanished from my Springfield… Have not been able to find him in days. Is this a new character glitch? I was counting on him for extra ghosts.

  3. I downlaoded a torrent with all Treehouse of Horror episodes and as I watch them im all like oh so THATS where this thing is from huh 😀

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