What the Heck is a Donkishbroomcken?

Wow… that’s one heck of a word in the title.  Hi… Wookiee here.  Sorry about the giant word but it came to mind while writing about one of my favorite Treehouse of Horror moments.  Previously here at Addicts, the episode this came from was shown in two different posts: A pumpkin house ramble by yours truly and this great walkthrough by Alissa the Amazing.

Sad fact about being so crazy busy blogging about ghosts and gremlins and GOO (Oh my!) is that not everything covered showcases ALL the amazingness in the game.  The Suzanne quest is really funny but, for reasons only EA knows, did not show off what I consider to be her best task.  This 12 hour task brings this Wookiee joy unimaginable.

Suzanne the Witch has a 12 hour joint task with Homer which shows off one of my favorite parts of the “Scary Tales Can Come True” segment of TOH XI.

In the episode…  Homer shows up to save Lisa and Bart from being eaten by the witch and in the ensuing ruckus, is turned in to a donkey/fish/broom/chicken hybrid (aka a donkishbroomcken).  I loved this so much and wished EA had given us this as a skin for Homer.  In the game quest, the 12 hour task Suzanne is sent on is a 12 hr task to bowl over at Barney’s.  Imagine my joy when I found out that Suzanne’s permanent 12 hour task was to transmogrify good old Homer J. Simpson.  I took some screenshots to show the wicked spell being done to Homie.


Of course, my colleagues here at Addicts are often way more talented than me…  check out these rad images!

scary tales scary tales 2 scary tales 3

This animation is now my new personal favorite.  It seems EA has some real ESPN to anticipate what some of us would want.  Dirty dogs hid it to be found like last year’s Easter eggs only this is much less smelly.  Best. TSTO Halloween. Ever.

This joint task (i.e. Homer needs to be free from one of his 30 tasks lol) takes place in front of the Gingerbread House.  It may seem hard to figure out where the best placement for this building would be but I chose to make it a film set for my Studio Area.  Seemed like a good fit considering someday Halloween will be over.

Pumpkin & Gingerbread Houses

This would be a great place to film Hansel & Gretel vs. McBain: Scary Tales Must Die.  Anywho… Y’all stay classy Tapperinos…. Wookiee out!

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  1. That is very cool. What a discovery. How come spandex didn’t spot it? Has he j

    • As I understand it he reports mainly on datafraking so since it’s already in the game… Not his dept lol. The days of spoilers are over most likely. Any previews in the future will be meant by EA.

  2. This is the coolest of cool animations I am re-girding my loins to push onto the final prize

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