Where Did THAT Come From- Frog Prince

Welcome to Hogwarts, err… I mean TSTO Addicts.  Wookiee here ready to explain once more just where the heck EA finds these decorations we get in our game.  Congrats to all of us worldwide for reaching 20 BILLION GOO (Insert Dr. Evil laugh here).  If you’d told me 20 days ago that there’d have been that much GOO collected in 20 something days, I’d probably have locked you in the basement with Bunny.


The community prize to discuss of course is the wretched Frog Prince. This repulsive fellow comes from Treehouse of Horror XII (Wiz Kids)

wiz kids

At Springwart’s School of Magicry, Mrs. Krabappel is leading the kids in some
“basic toad to prince spells” in preparation for the upcoming big magic recital.

Milhouse and Lisa successfully accomplish the spell, but Bart only manages to conjure a puking Frog Prince that’s only request is “Please Kill Me”.

wiz kids 2

“Bart, Lisa is casting spells at an 8th Grade Level… you’ve sinned against nature.”

wiz kids 3

“Every moment I live is Agony.”

This segment is really hilarious considering it premiered in 2001 as Harry Potter fever was going crazy.  The Prince is pretty much only good at puking.  Such a gross, gross character.

Getting away from this in case anybody is a sympathy chucker, I thought I’d point out that for this Halloween Update, the EA designers must have really loved the eleventh installment of TOH because quite a few items come from this episode to include the gypsy fortune teller & leprechaun….

gypsy leprechaun love

AND the Wailing Wall!

wailing wall

This particular decoration was also in Wiz Kids.  It was a fitting addition in the Dark Lord Montymort’s secret lair as Lisa describes him as the “absorber of souls” and “sucker of essence”.

wiz kids 4

I love this ending with Slithers eating Burns (as he cries) so they will always be together in Death.

Well, there you have it.  Our new disgusting buddy is from a Harry Potter spoof. I’ll reserve my comments on this guy because I still love this Halloween Update. Now go disappearacus and get back to ghost busting so we can get that last beautiful skyscraper.

Muggle and proud…  Wookiee Out!

6 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From- Frog Prince

  1. I doubt that 20 billion goo has been collected.
    I suspect that the counter is set up for every one to be sure to get all of the free community prizes.

    • Only EA really knows Matthew. Always fun to speculate but I’m gonna keep on believing in the vein of Sandy Claws and the sane (Easter) bunny. As long as we all get King Homer… in 3 weeks time, every one will have forgotten about the counter anyways lol.

  2. At first, I was hoping for a full character but a spewing frog prince NPC is also strangely rewarding as well.

  3. ROCK IT OUT WOOK! I loved the frog prince. Probably one of the more hilarious Simpsons skits I’ve ever seen.

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