30 Billion GOO & King Homer’s Skyscraper

Hey Howdy Hey Ghost Busters!

Feels like it’s been a while since we’ve been here huh? We unlocked the Frog Prince back on October 22nd and now here we are almost 2 weeks later at our 5th and FINAL Community GOO prize King Homer’s Skyscraper! Congratulations Tappers!

Looks like EA has saved the best for last. The Skyscraper is one of the coolest building additions (at least in this Addict’s opinion) in the game.

king homer skyscraper

Lots of popping ghosts, squishing gremlins, and haunting/unhaunting had finally brought us to our end goal. WOOHOO!

king homer 1

king homer 2

You will see your prize right away in your inventory.

king homer 3

king homer 4

It is quite a tall building. A base of 8×10.

king homer 5

To give you an idea of the scale of it, here it is next to the Sunsphere.

king homer 12

After placing the skyscraper, Mr. Burns will start off the diolog.

king homer 6

Mr. Burns: Behold my towering, hideous, monstrosity.

Marge: I don’t know, I think that ape is kind of cute

Mr. Burns: I was referring to my skyscraper. I always wanted to ruin the skyline of downtown Springfield, and now I’ve done it.

Mr Burns: But now you mention it, there is some kind of oversized lemur clinging to my building.

Marge: He’s so handsome and strong.

Mr. Burns: If by strong you meant the overpowering aroma of ape sweat and rotten bananas, I agree. Shoo, ape. Shoo!

king homer 7

After tapping the Skyscraper

king homer 8

Mr. Burns: I think he’s angry. Nice ape, don’t hurt me. I’m half monkey myself: heart, spleen, and one buttock.

king homer 9

Marge: Aw, come home with me, you giant ape. I’ll sew you some underpants out of Homer’s tighty-whiteys. Three pairs ought to do it.

king homer 10

It really is quite amusing too. King Homer continually attempts to make the climb on the the building, tiring after a few steps, then falling back to the ground. The boxes at the base bouncing as he lands. If you tap on the building, you will also see a small plane flying around and around (hear it too).

king homer 11

So enjoy your last Community Prize!

Stay tuned for more information on “Where Did THAT Come From-King Homer Skyscraper” from Wookiee.

8 responses to “30 Billion GOO & King Homer’s Skyscraper

  1. I have looked and looked for these above items and Cannot Find Them!! I don’t see the word Menu and it is Very Frustrating!!! Stepingstair. πŸ™

  2. It gives a very vintage look to everybody’s Springfield. Best free building.

  3. I spent a little bit of time decorating around my skyscraper. Pretty much garbage cans, parking spots and iron fence. Not much else fits the color scheme

  4. It has been a most excellent event and suitably crowned (ha ha) by king homer.

    However 5 days to go…..might there be one last surprise?

  5. It is very cool addition to anyone’s town

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