Weekend Update: October 27th-November 2nd, 2013

WHOA…Hi…ummmm…is this thing on? So apparently those who normally do the weekend update have seemed to vanish. Disappeared into thin air. POOF! Huh? What do you mean “what is all that shouting and banging from the basement?” I hear nothing. Nope. Not a thing. Nothing tra la la.

weekend update

Now, where was I? Ah, yes. You need a bit of a recap of all the trouble I caused…err…of all the cool things that went on this week in Addicts land. Well Bunny here, Patient Zero of Addicts Asylum, bringing you the recap and breakdown.

Sunday We started out the week in a solemn mourning of a beautiful woman and great spirit that contributed so many things to the world, including the amazing character of Edna Krabappel.

Monday Alissa brought back the humor to the site by starting out with a “Caption This” submitted by our reader Kurzdorfer. It is quite amusing. Feel free to share your pics on our Flickr page. You may see yours up next. She also gave us Tappers 101 on why the XP level doesn’t quite line up with the game play levels.

Wookiee broke down where the Springfield Museum of Natural History came from. (I think he kinda is a Museum connoisseur.)

Tuesday Wookiee brought us a great background on the gnarly Otto, everyone’s favorite Simpson duuuuuude.

Bunny, OH HEY…THAT’S ME! I brought you another step into my mind with an obnoxious song to stick in your head and a HOWL OOOOH WEEN 2D for our reader Chris J. Bullied you around in my breakdown of Jimbo. Then gave you a lil detail on the House of Evil to help you decide whether or not you want to spend your donuts on it.

Wednesday We received just a teeny update today just to prep for the free gift on Thursday. Alissa showed us some design options in “You Put The First Church Of Lard Lad Where?” She then brought us the updated Halloween Conform-O-Meter so we could see just how those new items will effect us. 

Thursday Halloween Day in the U.S.A. saw EA drop yet again another gift in our laps for this amazing event.

Wookiee took over 3D 101 class this week and provided us with a great way to create an Outdoor Theater to add something unique to your town.

In the spirit of the Holiday, each of our writers shared a lil bit of their memories of Halloween. Check out each story, you may be surprised to find just how much like you we really are. (Or just worry about the furry one escaping the basement). 🙂

Alissa’s Memories
Wookiee’s Memories
Bunny’s Memories

Friday Alissa took over as the instructor of this weeks TSTO Anonymous class. You may want to take a look at the list. YOU might just be an addict. She also broke down the basics of Building Bridges in her Tappers 101 post.

Wookiee brought us into the past with his break down of a great president and Summer character brought into the game, Abraham Lincoln.

Saturday Well…you ARE reading this. 😛

We reached 30 Billion and finally received the last Community Prize, King Homer’s Skyscraper. 

Wookiee went into a little more detail of just where the King Homer Skyscraper came from

Now don’t forget the Halloween 2013 event will be ending on the 7th. We never know what time EA will shut it all down, so you may want to kick it in high gear and ensure your Goo count is on target to achieve the goals you want.

If you need more friends, please feel free to add your name to the constant growing list of other neighbors seeking help on our Add Friends page. Just put your name in the comments section there, and feel free to request those already there.



7 responses to “Weekend Update: October 27th-November 2nd, 2013

  1. Speaking of the weekend, this weekend I spent some time trying to figure out how the Daylight Savings Time change will affect Tapped Out. After some thinking, this is my conclusion:
    The clock in Springfield does not change, no matter how your clock changes. If you move across time zones, Springfield clocks just keep on ticking. So when we gain an hour, Springfield does not. This means that if you start a task at 1pm pre-DST time, it will end at 8pm pre-DST time or in other words, 7pm post-DST time. I took this to mean an extra hour of job-earning, because technically this weekend is an hour longer than usual and that hour translates to a round of 60-minute tasks. Woohoo! More money!
    (You could also interpret this to mean that Blue Houses and other 8-hour buildings will, just this once, take only 7 hours to complete rent.)
    Hope that didn’t bend your mind too much. Enjoy your extra hour of sleep/working/binge drinking.

    • I think this logic goes in with the “You might be an Addict” info pkkao

    • I think you’re thinking too hard and over thinking it. Lol

      There are many cities and states across the USA that actually HATE daylight savings. To this day, they never have to touch their clocks…I can see Springfield as one of those. Got “too hard” to remember for the towns folk. Resulted in many “rolling” their clocks forward and backward on the sidewalk trying to get it to change. Maybe some used it like a piggy bank and kept attempting to “save time”. In the end, after forgetting about the change and his wife showing up home an hour early…while he was in a “business meeting”…Quimby voted no more. 😛

  2. Thanks
    I hope they do extend it as I’m quite behind on collecting goo
    I’m on 7800 at the moment

    • Just keep collecting as much as you can. Pop gremlins as fast as you can. Always better to be on safe side. They’ve been quite generous this event.

  3. Just a tip We can know what time it ends because when you click on the question mark near the goo and gremlin counting it has a countdown 🙂

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