Addicts Blast from the Past: Building A Better Springfield

This was originally posted back in early September 2013 but we thought some of the newer Tappers joining after the Halloween Update could use some insight on just how to build a better Springfield.

Envious of your friend’s Springfield’s? Wish your Springfield looked as cool as theirs? Well, we’re in-between updates right now, so while there is a little lull in the game why not consider reworking your town to build a better Springfield?!

Here’s the Addict’s Guide to Building a Better Springfield:

It’s All Good In The Hood: Consider The Neighborhood

House farming does have its perks, if you do it right. While I’m not a house farmer myself (come on EA give us more houses!) I do have neighbors who are. When done right house farming can make your Springfield look like it has nice neighborhoods where people would want to live. Don’t just stick houses here and there around Springfield, and don’t stack them all up on top of each other either. Consider your placement of each house, and how it will fit in a neighborhood setting.
Tip: Keep all of the ‘special houses’ together (Flanders, Simpsons, Wiggum, Skinner, etc) and keep the other houses together, in multiple number (Purple House, White House, Brown House, etc).

Location Location Location: Consider What Your Central Springfield Is

Your Central Springfield is the part of your Springfield that shows up the moment you and your friends open your town. First impressions are everything, so you want to have a really great Central Springfield that will make your neighbors want to look for more! If you don’t have an exciting Central Springfield your friends might not get excited to see the rest.
Tip: Some people like to put the Simpson’s house in the center of their Springfield, while others prefer a part or Town Hall. Try to put your best decorated building/decoration in your Central Springfield and keep up with it. You really want something that’s going to wow your friends!

Hardscape/Landscape: Consider Your Landscaping

Try to landscape each building. Think about how it would look in real life and be creative!
Tip: Check our our 2D design page for more ideas!

What’s In A Theme: Consider A Theme for Each Building

Think:  ‘If this building existed in real life, what would it look like” and try to create a theme around that thought. For example, Kamp Krusty would be in the woods surrounded by trees, water, and maybe some cabins. So design your Kamp Krusty area to include a lot of trees and shrubs, a river or lake, and maybe through in some Brown houses for the cabin look!
Tip: Keep up with the theme you’ve created for each building. Landscape when you can, and try to keep it in line with your design plan.

Park It: Consider Building A Park

Try and think outside the box here. Don’t just stick use buildings everywhere to take up space.  Utilize the decorations available and make a park. Use the table, gazebo, swing set, monkey bars and all possible trees and other forms of flowers and greenery to create a dedicated Springfield Park. Hey EA even gives you a Springfield Park sign to help make it happen!
Tip: Keep a theme to your park, and dedicate areas of it for specific things. For example keep the Monkey Bars, Swing Set, and Seesaw together to create a play area of your park! 

Be A Simpsons Addict: Consider How Springfield Would Look

Follow The Simpsons a little bit and try setting your Springfield like it would look on the show!  It’s fun to see how things are on the Simpsons in relation to where you put them in your Springfield!

Looking for more insight?  Check out our newest series of posts Build Bunny’s Town…where our very own crazy Bunny has blown up her Springfield in an effort to redesign it with our readers!

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12 responses to “Addicts Blast from the Past: Building A Better Springfield

  1. Requesting a list of buildings I don’t need and should put into storage/sell. Cleaning up my Springfield to farm xo/cashollaaaaaaa
    Happy tapping 👉👈

  2. My game keeps telling me I need more storage space. I need help in deciding what property I should get rid of to make more storage space. Any suggestions?

    • Generally what helps is having a cloud service to back up your photos. Google Photos gives you one for free…then you can free up a lot of space via photos.

  3. Sorry to say I am a crammed… lately with the new stuff I have tried a little.. I will have to double up on my ADD meds to redo the rest…lol. 😜😜😁🚶🚲💊💊

  4. Great post!
    Realist: guilty as charged…

  5. I also like “realism” in my town. I have seen a few towns that are just buildings cramed together. I am not going to be judgemental, we all play TSTO for our own reasons.

    • To me the social part is all about seeing what people did with their town rather than making money and xp with them so although I dont judge either, I delete those friends and make room for new people.

  6. This is an excellent post with some really useful ideas. Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. Thanks. But wot uv seen doesn’t do it justice. U need 2 see the city in its entirety. Send me a friend request I’m ArchK77. U got nothing 2 loose plenty 2 gain.

    Mad full town view by the way. Been meaning 2 do mine but seen tricky.

  8. Is this a competition?

    This a great post for the realists out there , which I am one sub sect meanium.

    I get excited about the buildings and look on with jealous green eyes at the flower shop etc. I have seen many towns all unique even those who house farm. There is one where there are no roads loads of land and apparent random placing of buildings, it reminds me of an old west town where built where their wagon stopped. It may be their beta town but intentional or not it looks good.

    My niece has a town and she puts thing where they look good and make her laugh. ugly buildings are hidden away lol. She does have a concept though rich area poor area the town centre is modelled on my home town and even a small concept or plan helps her to structure her design.

    I am much more OCD I even have mini planning meetings lol. Houses are allocated to characters the sea front is based on a promenade near to where I live, I redesignate buildings, and get frustrated at some of the weirder items in the town.

    Well enough early mornings rumblings great post great tips.


  9. Cranky, check out my twitter page for the best planed out city ull ever c. (@TappedOutKing) U won’t b disappointed. 100% satisfaction or I’m not the tapped out king.

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