Shattered Dreams Mystery Box Details: Splash and Burn Edition (July/August 2022)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

As you reach the end of the Splash and Burn, you’ll see the latest update to the Shattered Dreams Mystery Box.

For those that missed it, we broke down the basic details of the Shattered Dreams Box Here.  That post will give you the basics, how to earn coins, and what the plan is for the box itself.

This post (the one you’re reading now) is meant to give you further details about the box that will appear in your game once you’ve completed the Splash and Burn mini-event.  So let’s get to it, shall we?

Note: This box is slated to leave games on August 10th…that’s the same day the Splash and Burn event ends.  Keep that in mind as you’re planning what you may/may not do with this box. 

For those that need a quick refresher on the box, here’s the breakdown from EA:

Once you’ve completed the Splash and Burn Mini-Event you’ll trigger the Shattered Dreams Mystery Box to start up…

REMEMBER the Shattered Dreams Mystery Box is ONLY available BETWEEN events.  In this case, it’ll only run from the moment you complete Splash and Burn until the start of the next event.

The end date for this box is slated for August 10th.  This is IMMEDIATELY AFTER the Splash and Burn event is slated to end in Springfield…which likely means there’s no gap between events this month.  So after August 10th, this box will NOT be available in Springfield.  So get it while you can! 

As we’ve learned from the previous event, the first go-round with this, you MUST complete the event (whether that’s a mini-event or multi-event) to see the box.  It will not appear for you unless you complete the entire event.  

We also now know that the box will change with every event, as this box is completely different than the last.

Now you’ll, once again, be given a free Shattered Dreams Token to try out the box.

Here’s what’s inside the box (with links to our previous posts about each item)…this one is Education Themed:

Adil Hoxha
Alaska Nebraska
Baby Gerald
Ballet Ralph
Cadet Lisa
Clarissa Wellington
Clobber Girl
Coach Pommelhorst
Cool Milhouse
Cursed Desk
Cypress Creek Elementary
Enriched Learning Center w/ Leopold
Football Nelson
Groundskeeper Wilma
Hellementary School
Hell Principals
Hell Teacher
Hootenanny Barn w/ Luke Stetson
Jake Boyman
Jiff and Skippy
Kathmandu U
Kearney’s Other Son
Kid Zone Elite
Krusty Clown College
Life Sized Visible Man
Ling Bouvier
Magic Act Milhouse
Make a Thing Workshop
Miss Tillingham’s School
Mr. Bergstrom
Mrs. Sinclair
Mystical Self Defense
Patches and Poor Violet
Prodigy Barn
Programmer Lisa
Prom Time Homer
Report Card
Rommelwood Academy
Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers w/ Babysitter Bandit
Samba School
Saxophone Lisa
School Bus w/ Otto
Slide Factory
Soccer Lisa
Sophie Krustofski
Spellmentary Mess Hall
Springfield Books
Springfield EleZenTary
Springfield Gymdandee
Springfield Planetarium
Stolen Bicycle Graveyard
Teenage Homer
Tuts n Tots Elementary
Waverly Hills Elementary School
Wholesome & Sons Publishing
Zia Simpson
Balance Beam & Gymnastics Lisa
Child Care Center
Field Trip Memorial
I Choo Choo Choose You Train
Monsarno Cafeteria
Nurses Station
Springfield Games Flag Bundle
Monsarno Library
Spellementary Courtyard
Spirography Factory
7200 Ounce Squishee
Butterfly Tent
Cheering Crowd
Chess Table
Concert Lights
Crowd of Bullies
Dancing Children
Floor Speaker
Monsarno Flower Wall
Outdoor Opera Seats
Outdoor Opera Ticket Booth
Rommelwood Barracks
Rude Crowd
Speakers Stack
Special Play Tree
Torture Locker
X-Ray Machine

And that’s it my friends, the details on the latest Shattered Dreams Mystery Box!

Thoughts on the box?  Content? Did you earn tokens from daily challenges? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

20 responses to “Shattered Dreams Mystery Box Details: Splash and Burn Edition (July/August 2022)

  1. Thanks for the info! I wanted that giant Squishee but gave up after getting the flags twice. I don’t want to waste all my tokens on the same thing.

    • Unless they’ve changed, the flags may be a terrific deal! When I got them, each and every one of them had a bonus percentage attached to them. I put them all around my Efcot area, then hid more behind the tall buildings in Springfield Heights. But maybe they’ve taken away the bonus percentages? You should definitely check that out!

      • I agree about the bonus. . .it is very nice; however, I’m pushing 3,000% in bonus, and I have at least four (maybe 5) sets of flags scattered around town. Now that I know I can get repeat prizes, I’ll play the box more carefully.

  2. Three questions… First, why does it say the the Shattered Dreams box is filled with non-unique items only, when that’s clearly not the case? (This is kind of a rhetorical question, since I know you’re not EA.) On a related note, why is the Spirograph Factory in my box, when I already have it in my town? And, lastly, do any characters besides the rabbi use the chess table? I have the rabbi playing chess every day except Fridays and Saturdays (since he needs to prepare and deliver shabbos services then), but, if I could get another character to play, I’d try and go for a second one.

    Oh, and, for anyone who might not be aware…unless they’ve changed them, the flags bundle is great for increasing your bonus multiplier, and you can hide flags behind the tall versions of some of the Springfield Heights buildings, if they don’t fit into your design well anywhere!

  3. Just going to say for New Tappers this Shattered Dreams Mystery Box is to your advantage (obtain those free 🪙’s or buy that $1.99 for a dozen 🍩’s + a 🪙 ) and thank you Alissa for the detailed information posted. 👍🏻

  4. i had 7 tokens and i wanted alaska nebraska so bad, but nah, i got some costumes for lisa and some decorations

  5. why do these posts take so long? 😫😫

    • Because this is not our full-time job?

      The alternative is shutting the site down completely…doing my best to keep things running here for this community while trying to keep my own life from completely falling apart. Sometimes a little grace is appreciated…

      • It wasn’t a critical comment, I love your work here and I access the site basically every day, it was a suffering comment because this box has become the most exciting part of the events

    • You do know that this site is entirely volunteer run, right? And considering what you’re paying to read it, I think you’re getting a pretty good deal! 🙄

  6. New splash screen on the TSTO FB page . . .

  7. Greg Jablynski

    Unfortunately all I have are non unique items in this box. There are a couple of things I wouldn’t mind getting but bad odds.

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