Being A Social Butterfly: Visiting Friends

Once a day you can visit your Friends towns and tap up to 3 of their buildings to collect cash and XP. With the Krustyland Update you can also visit their Krustyland and collect tickets! (note: you cannot collect cash from 3 buildings and then collect tickets from 3 attractions at Krustyland. You can ONLY tap up to 3 buildings TOTAL between your friends Springfield and Krustyland per day, greedy pants!)

And don’t worry you don’t need to tap and collect all the money/tickets and XP that come flying out of the buildings, you can just tap the building/attraction and move on to the next town. Like EA magic the money will automatically be added to your account (this goes for the bonus XP you get for visit a friends town and completing 3 tasks as well, even if you leave before you see the box)!

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  1. I collected my first day & the 2nd & now 3rd day there has been nothing there for me to collect…

  2. So you will get all the cash, xp, dialogue box xp and possible donuts even if you don’t wait for the dialogue box? 🙂 I’ve waited for the box for years!

  3. Trouble with Handshakes…………
    Level 26, 50 neighbors. I visit and tap just about all friends every day. since the Tap Ball event, the past few days I haven’t had one handshake. I was away from the game for 12 hours, six hours, 15 hours, not one handshake. even had a new request today, no handshake. are handshakes suspended during this event? I haven’t had a chance to read all through the Tap ball info, getting in late from work this week.

  4. Hey, I’m old and can’t find what I need, so maybe you can help me. All of the other info here is super wonderful! I’ve maxed out my FP. If I only visit a few of my friends, say, at 8 a.m. and reach the max # of foam fingers and XP, must I wait a full 24 hours to visit the remaining friends to reset the foam finger and XP payout? I have tried visiting the remaining friends at 3 p.m. on the same day and all I get is cash…no XP or fingers. Boo hoo. I’m greedy! Thanks for all of the work you do for us TSTO addicts!

  5. I’ve almost earned my last prize in the friendship points…so do we earn anything after the prizes? I was just thinking it would be very cool if we were working towards donuts after all prizes were earned.. 😉

    • Here is the cool thing, once you MAX out your FP… keep visiting neighbors. You have a chance at Free Donuts randomly popping out here and there. So there is that. 😉

      • Thanks! I just got my last prize…also I discovered the amount of money you get from each action increases quite a bit! So that’s cool too!

  6. Hi! Please help: I was tapping away at my neighbor’s towns, sending Feds after my gifts were maxed, so THEY could still get gifts, when this msg popped up. All I caught was “social butterfly”. I was tapping too fast! Now I’m searching the web trying to find what the msg said but the only thing I hit on was the comment below: Someone mentions using donuts to “get around the social butterfly thing”? Now I’m really lost lol. Any help here? I’m sure it’s common knowledge, but I just can’t find any info on this!? Thank you in advance for any help!

    • You are earning many things while playing the game. One of them is Friend Points or FP. You can only earn a MAX amount each 24 hr period. Once you hit that, you have to wait until the clock resets to keep going. Being a Social Butterfly just means you have been REALLY visiting neighbors lately and capped that MAX. You can keep going for the other items, but you will not longer earn FP at this point forward until the clock resets.

      Hope that helps. 😉

  7. What happens when you graffiti someone’s building?

  8. I’m sorry if these are completely stupid questions. But I’m still a little confused. (Newbie) I probably missed your article on it. >__< forgive me.

    From what I understand, I should at least clear the handshakes when I see them; so that others may tap on my stuff as well.

    When my own buildings have $$ floating over it, should I click it right away? Or does that take away my neighbors ability to tap on my buildings.

    When do I clear them (the $$) for maximum benefit for everyone?

    Also, if I am visiting other neighbors, if I move on before the pop-up saying "..blahblah 25xp-collect." shows up, do I still get the 25 xp? Or did I miss out?

    And what is the deal with krusty land? What are those tickets for?!

    Too much? I'm sorry. 🙁

    • Don’t worry. We were all new once. It is what eventually led us Addicts to start this very site. Feel free to ask away. 🙂

      This is how I personally manage my town. I have a few extra Brown houses (I normally decorate and camouflage them in so they don’t look like a house farm.) These regenerate really fast. That means if I clear them, Simpsons, Flanders, Moe’s, and other quick money making ones…that my neighbors can still pop in n out throughout the day and have something to tap.

      I clear handshakes as soon as I can to again make room for other neighbors to tap. As far as any other money items…I leave them. Especially on buildings that take a LONG time to regenerate. Your neighbor tapping on them will still reset the time the same as if you did. So it does help. If they stay untapped for too long, I may go ahead and clear them.

      Move on…it auto collects for you. 🙂

      Just like YOU need money to buy items for YOUR Springfield, YOU also need tickets to purchase rides and items for your Krustyland. If you have not reached the levels yet to build it…no worries, they still store away. If you have and do not need tickets for anything anymore…you do not have to go there. Just another option to help neighbors and help yourself in the game.

      Hope that helps. 🙂

    • Thanks for asking I had the same questions!!!

  9. I am also new at this but I am so addicted I have reached level 20 in no time at all. I am also way behind in my quests because of this:-(
    Is there a way to get around the social butterfly thing? I really want the fp’s so I stop if the message comes up.
    Also does one thing pay more then others? Like a house verses a store? I haven’t really noticed but I just wanted to be sure.
    Thank you:-)

  10. Why is it that when you visit some friends towns (even after waiting 24 hours) there is nothing to collect? Also, during this Valentine’s Day event is the only thing you can collect Valentines? Thanks!

    • If your friend hasn’t cleared the cards they’ve received, nothing will show for you to collect. Valentines are the only thing you can tap during the event. Only exception I have found is withered crops.

  11. Hi–thanks, you’ve been really helpful with questions about neighbors, so I’m back again!! I have a corn crop coming due soon( ish). Do I harvest it immediately or wait for neighbors to visit? Does it make any difference to them(will they reap a larger benefit?)
    Thanks for your time—-

    • When your corn is done, DON’T harvest it. It works similar to the Squidport tiles. As friends tap on it, you will see multiple handshakes above it. Your neighborinos won’t get much from tapping it, but each handshake it worth bookoo XP and cash for you. Make sure you always leave one handshake above it, I suggest 2 for safety’s sake. Happy tapping Skybo!

  12. Thanks, Alissa!

  13. Hi! I’m new to this. Love your site. :~)
    Some neighbors buildings have $ signs & some have piles of cash floating over them. (And some have nothing at all!) What do the different things do?
    (Is there already a post about this?)

    • Hi and welcome to the madness!
      There’s no different between the $, Cash Register or Pile of Cash over one of your neighbor-eenos. Usually it’s just indicating what it is (cash registers over stores etc). They all award you cash and XP the same 🙂
      Thank you for the kind words! We love what we do and we love our fellow Addicts!

  14. Note: If you click below a friend’s name, it’ll take you directly to their Krustyland and you don’t have to struggle looking for their shuttle bus.

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