Weekend Update: December 15th- 21st

Oh well hi there. I think my mind checked out some time ago. What day is it? Saturday??!! WHOA! Where did the time go??!!

Well it’s about that time again to recap all the crazy stuff happening this past week. Give you all a minute to catch up, or read the information for the first time. 🙂


SUNDAY: Want to know how the new stuff effects your star rating? Check out Alissa’s post on the Conform-O-Meter.

Bunny took a few minutes to remind you all the Holiday Contest was closing. (It is closed now FYI.)

MONDAY: Bunny reminded all you silly readers where the appropriate place was to submit your friend requests. Any questions? Click on this link!

Alissa wants to know (we all do)…What on earth is going on in THAT picture? Check out this weeks “Caption This” courtesy of our reader JenaerS.

Bunny pounced on the readers with some info on the gift bag/present drops percentages. Then recapped the New Simpson’s Christmas TV Episode: White Christmas Blues.

TUESDAY:  Where the heck did Clausco come from? Wanna know more? Check out this cool post by Wookiee. He then showed all of you just how much the snow is tweaking with our 2D art. Looks kinda cool, huh? Also, he snuck in with the last minute drop of the FIRST Community Prize.

EA is definitely watching and listening to us. Not sure? Just check out this post by Bunny and see just what changes they made at OUR request. 🙂 Then she brought you the complete list of all those items we SHOULD get via the Community Prizes. (I wonder how many times EA will update it. Lol.) Next up, the 3rd and 4th Personal Prizes. Elves and a Mall, OH MYYYY.

Alissa announced the end of the Holiday Contest. The submissions were AMAZING! Stay tuned for the Winner Announcement. 🙂

WEDNESDAY: Happy Little Elves? In our game? Why? Wookiee breaks it down for you in his post here. He also gave us the background of the Skating Rink.

Alissa brought us MORE Elves and a skating rink in her breakdown of the 5th and 6th Personal Prizes. She also brought to you our TOP TEN FINALISTS in the Holiday Contest. Voting closes TODAY (12/21/2013)!

THURSDAY: Helter Shelter? Whaaaa? Wookiee breaks it down just where exactly you can find this cool building. Then he brings you the origin of Mr. Plow and the Plow King. Love these characters. 🙂

Alissa puts your tapping fingers to the test so you can BLAZE through in “Turbo Tappin” for the Plow King. Then she speeds on through for Mr. Plow.

FRIDAY: Whatcha talkin bout Wookiee? Listen to his rambles in WDTCF Egg Nog Bar and Santa Flanders.

Alissa brought us some info on a furry lil Raccoon and Santa Flanders for our 7th and 8th Personal Prizes. Then she Turbo Tapped Santa Flanders. Then she brought us another reminder the Holiday Contest ends TODAY (12/21/2013)!


So there is your recap for the week. I “hop” you all have a fantastic weekend. Quit putting it off and go get those last minute gifts. TICK TOCK! 😛


4 responses to “Weekend Update: December 15th- 21st

  1. I’ve got a question, in a post it said that there could be coins (for the krusty prize wheel) in the gift boxes if the elves opened them, but I haven’t found any coin, I only collect the one that the egg not bar gives me. I’ve seen that there’s a lot of people who have already collected all the prizes from the wheel, is that possible? I’m disappointed because I still can’t win the Claus co building. Also, what will happen with the egg nog bar when the Christmas event finishes? It would be good if it kept generating coins so we could save them for the next year.

    • The coins from gift bags is all chance. Some people have had a ton of luck and others not so much. Kind of like the odds on the Holiday Wheel. When luck is involved, some folks end up really well off. The egg nog bar will remain in your town as ong as you want ti but will most likely switch to generating cash and XP like other previous holiday stuff has. It might help in some way next Christmas but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  2. I don’t understand how everyone is leaving me gift bags when I only get about 20 to 30 a day and can’t possibly give back all the gift bags I’m getting. I play every few hours and have multiple elf houses. also I’ve seen some of the community prizes in other people’s towns when we’re not even close. I’ve seen Santa’s workshop in someone’s town when we haven’t even won it yet! What the heck? My sister said she saw someone with the candy cane cooling towers?!

    • Most likely those people are playing hacked (and illegal) games. With regards to gift bags…I only get 60-80 at most per day to drop. You’re doing fine, just keep playing your game and you’ll get there. As long as you’re following along with Bunny’s Calendar you’ll be set to.collect everything before the event ends. 🙂

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