A Haunting We Will Go!!

Bunny hoppin on in here for a quick recap on your Neighboreeno visiting. Once YOU have built the Gypsy building, you can start to pop ghosts and collect Gremlins n Goo. You now can go to your neighboreenos to get even more gremlins and goo.

BUT FIRST. Your neighboreeno needs to have gotten to the ghost popping level too. How can you tell? Just look by their name in the town section. If the Goo Counter is at 0, they are not ready for all the fun. If their counter is at 1 or more Goo, then you can go have Halloween fun in their town.


Once in, you will have the same 3 chances to “tap” their house. The top right corner will tell you how many taps you have left. (Like 3/3.) However, instead of those $ signs, you will now see lil white ghost symbols above them.


Tap the lil ghost and VOILA…HAUNTED HOUSE!!!


This all works the same as before, the buildings have to be available to tap. If other neighbors beat you to it and you see no ghosts, then either you didn’t check to see if they are ready and above zero goo or they have been all tapped out and you will have to wait until next time to “haunt” their homes. Make sure you don’t leave the town until you finish all your tasks that you can.

Hope this makes sense. Any further questions, let me know. πŸ™‚


18 responses to “A Haunting We Will Go!!

  1. If you tap an already haunted house with the ghost symbol above it you get 2 goo instead of 1.

  2. D’oh, nevermind! Just saw it in Bunny’s post on putting the “ADD” in Addicts. πŸ™‚

  3. Is there a complied list anywhere of the buildings that show different types of ghosts when haunted? For example, I’ve seen the vomiting ghost at Moe’s, Grimes at the power plant and the ghost in the electric chair at the prison – just wondering if anyone has noticed any other “unique” ghosts haunting their towns. Thanks.

  4. moisesfonsec I play every day, at work, home, car, you name it, please add me

  5. ID: blakeschof226

    looking for freinds for daily haunt and goo collection. Will release gremlins everyday as i have bought plenty of them

  6. when i visit neighbor’s Springfield,instead of lil white ghost symbols, $ signs, are still hovering the houses

    • Did you check their Goo counter to see if they are at 0?

      If they are, they are not ready. If they are more than 0, then it could just be the additional money options. In other words, I have noticed in my town that I can get my buildings haunted AND tapped for cash (leaving the standard handshake). So you have both options. Could just be all the buildings are haunted and you have to wait for your neighbor to clean them up to haunt them again.

    • This is how you haunt your neighborinos town. You can haunt three total but don’t forget to pop 5 ghosts and possibly infest the town with gremlins for each neighbor.

  7. I’m assuming that “haunting” works just the same as the usual “collecting” so that you can leave a town without the THANK YOU message coming up but still get your goo/gremlin counter credited right?

    • I would be cautious on this one. I am hoping the update fixed this, but I have had MANY reports that if you do not collect the Goo and leave…you WILL lose it. Honestly, I would err on the side of caution. Especially with the precious Goo. I am going to do a few trials myself…once my phone charges. LOL.

      I need a second battery just for the event. πŸ˜›

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