Another In Game Update….10/3

2013-10-02 16.52.00
Hi Everyone!

EA is once again dropping an in-game update on us.  I’m just going through the files now so I’ll let you know if anything has changed, but from what I see so far it’s just more fixes and missing files from the original info.  I will update this post once I have more!

For now don’t be alarmed if you see the update in your game…

UPDATE: Finally just got into the game files, sorry guys it’s a little hectic around here!, and it looks like the update just fixed more glitches with some quests.  However, it also looks like (according the spAnser) the game files he saw containing a Firehouse were removed BUT game files containing Tennis Marge (minor costume files just showing marge wearing a visor) &  Dolph files are in the game.  Not sure if an update is coming or they’re just having some fun with our heads!  But that’s basically it folks!

17 responses to “Another In Game Update….10/3

  1. Im having some problems with my game since the update, keeps freezing and just closing

    • Been a lot of server issues today. I’m sure EA is pretty busy trying to fix all the glitches especially some of the bigger ones like missing characters. Good luck Kay, hope it resolves itself for you.

  2. Is it just me or do I feel like on the first day I had like a 100 ghost in my town and now I’m lucky if I see one ghost roming around every hour? Is this normal?

    • Game files say a max of 20 ghosts/town and they re-spawn every 15 minutes (whether your in your town or not). Don’t forget on the first day you probably didn’t have as many neighbors coming to pop your ghosts as well…this could lead to why you don’t see as many.

      • Thank you, but that’s impossible to get all prizes with 20 ghost a day, I remember waking day there was more snakes and I remember how I would get a notification starting that my town was infested with snakes, I thought that was pretty cool, but the first day I popped like 50 ghost in my town

    • Just went to my second game, first time in 24h and had ghosts coming at me from all angles. So it seems EA allows us to get on with real life without missing out. Phew!

  3. My update has been going for over an hour.

  4. It’s Maude haunting the town – 24h task. The update added 2 units compared to yesterday’s. I mean that till now, the total of modules added to the game was 112. It’s just gone up to 114. Would it be for a level 36 release? Anyone capable of looking in the files?

  5. early yesterday when I was tapping my neighboreenos I screen capped a pic of a yellow electric looking ghost, but I neglected to put it in paint and I lost it off of the clip board. has anyone else seen this ghost? its quite large, probably the size of the java server.

  6. yeah I got the spiraling screen of this should be a krustyland ride its so nauseating.

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