Tapped Out Halloween Walkthroughs: The 9th and 10th GOO prizes, Burns Coffin & Gingerbread House

Hey howdy hey GOO Collectors!

Back with the final two prizes in the Personal Prize collection, you can read about the Ancient Burial Ground & Pumpkin house herethe Vac-U-Bot hereZombie hereUltrahouse & Victorian UFO here & King Snorky & the Twirl ‘N’ Hurl here.  The last two prizes are achieved at the 8,000 GOO (Burns Coffin) collection mark and the 10,000 GOO (Gingerbread House) collection mark.

burns coffin 8000goo       gingerbreadhouse 10000goo 

Photo Oct 07, 1 15 18 PM
Photo Oct 07, 1 16 16 PM
First up…Burns Coffin & Count Burns:
Once you reach 8,000 GOO in your town the Burns Coffin (which comes with the Count Burns costume for Mr. Burns) will automatically unlock and stored in your inventory.  In order to retrieve it you’ll have to pull it from your inventory.

The Burns coffin does come with a small questline…and surprise Homer is needed for part of it.. but it mostly revolves around Mr. Burns.  As always I suggest finishing the Ghost in the Machine-based App questline first, since once the item is in your inventory it’s yours forever.

Here’s the questline dialogue:

Count Burns Pt. 1
After tapping Count Burns

Photo Oct 07, 10 44 20 PM
Count Burns:
Night falls, and Springfield lies beneath my feet like a giant blood buffet.  Now to take flight in bat form and bat-errify the city!  Ow.  Darn it, my wings are all cracked and dry.  Time to apply some leather conditioner.
Make the Count Rub Lotion into his Wings- 12hrs

Count Burns Pt. 2
After tapping Count Burns

Count Burns: I’m famished.  Time to find an unsuspecting victim to join me for “sipper”.
Make Count Burns Stalk Victims- 1hr
Photo Oct 07, 11 00 06 PM
Keep Homer free when complete

Count Burns Pt. 3
After tapping Homer

Homer: Stop right there, vampire.  I’m here to put an end to your evil evil-doing.
Count Burns: Then you shall become my first victim of the evening!  Now let’s see, jugular or femoral artery?  Femoral has more blood, but it’s located in the crotch.
Homer: You can’t hurt me.  I’m wearing a string of garlic around my neck.
Count Burns: I don’t see any garlic.
Homer: I…uh…oh. I ate it.
Make Homer Get Sucked-4hrs
Make Count Burns Drink Homer’s Blood- 4hrs
Count Burns: Well, that was unsatisfying.  I have two inch fangs but they were still too short to get through his neck fat.

Count Burns Pt. 4
After tapping Count Burns

Count Burns: Confound it, if I don’t get some blood soon I’ll un-die.  Ah, here’s a likely-looking fellow.  I’ll drain him like a bag of ketchup!
Make Count Burns Drink Blood- 4hrs
Otto: Whoa, what happened?  I feel dizzy, lightheaded, and confused.  Thank god all I have to do is drive a school bus full of children.

Count Burns Pt. 5
After tapping Count Burns

Count Burns: I don’t know what was in that bus drivers’ blood, but I feel an uncontrollable urge to eat a bag of cookies and listen to Bob Marley.
Make Count Burns Chill Out to Reggae- 12hrs

Count Burns Pt. 6
After tapping Count Burns

Count Burns: Bah, wandering about town in search of a decent meal is no way for a vampire industrialist to live.  I need a more reliable source of healthy food.
Reach Level 24 and Build Springfield General Hospital
Make Count Burns Make a Large Donoation-
Dr. Hibbert: Mr. Burns, I can’t thank you enough for endowing a new wing at Springfield Hospital.  Although I’m not sure we need fourteen million gallons of capacity for donated blood.
Count Burns: Well, you know what they say: he who pays and then drains the life out of the piper calls the tunes.
Dr. Hibbert: And what are those human-sized tubes with the pistons inside?
Count Burns: Juicers.

And with that the Count Burns quest is complete!  A fun little story line and a new costume for Mr. Burns!  Which is great if you happened to miss the last costume for Mr. Burns, Fruit Batman.

Next Up…at 10,000 GOO the final Prize…The Gingerbread House & Suzanne the Witch:
Photo Oct 07, 9 11 50 PM
Photo Oct 07, 9 12 03 PM
Photo Oct 07, 10 42 38 PM
Once you reach 10,000 GOO in your town the Gingerbread House will automatically unlock (along with Suzanne the Witch) and be placed in your inventory.  In order to retrieve it you’ll have to pull it from your inventory.

The Gingerbread House does come with a small questline…and surprise Homer is needed for part of it.  As always I suggest finishing the Ghost in the Machine-based App questline first, since once the item is in your inventory it’s yours forever.

Here’s the questline dialogue:

Hex in the City Pt. 1
After tapping Suzanne the Witch

Photo Oct 07, 10 43 09 PM
Photo Oct 07, 10 43 18 PM
Hm.  Warty nose.  Squinty eyes.  Out-of-date clothes.  She must be a game developer.
Bart: Dad, it’s that witch from the Enchanted Forest.  She eats little children!
Suzanne: Oh, not any more.  I spent six months at a rehab center for fairy tale eating disorders, and I’m totally cured. Met a lot of nice bridge trolls there.
Homer: You say you’re cured, but there’s only one way to be sure.  Bart, try to get the witch to eat you.
Make Homer Tempt the Witch with a Succulent Bart- 4hrs
Make Bart Be Tempting-
Make Suzanne the Witch be Tempted-
Homer: Aha!  I knew it!  There are bite marks on Bart’s arm.
Bart: Dad, you did that.
Homer: Well, you really know how to make yourself look delicious.

Hex in the City Pt. 2
After tapping Suzanne the Witch

Marge: Suzanne, what do you do for a living now that you’re out of the fairy tale business?
Photo Oct 07, 10 46 53 PM
Suzanne: I’m a magical nanny!  My friend Sherry Bobbins suggested it.  She used to eat kids too.
Homer: A nanny sounds great, but I’m not sure we can afford it.  As it is we pay the babysitter by doing her homework.
Suzanne: Oh, magical nannies don’t take money.  Just some trifle or other…that is the most dear and precious thing to your heart!  *evil cackling*
Homer: Boy, that crackling would sure cheer up the house.  You’re hired.
Make Suzanne Nanny for the Simpsons– 24hrs

Hex in the City Pt. 3
After tapping Suzanne the Witch

Bart: Dad, I wanted a BOOKie, not a nanny.
Suzanne: Don’t worry, Bart, we’ll have a wonderful time.  Let’s start by cleaning up your room.  It’ll be magically fun!
Make Suzanne Magically Tidy Up Bart’s Room– 1hr
Suzanne: Oh my god, I’ve never seen such filth.  It took my darkest magic to clean it up.  Still, now Bart’s room is tidy and…what?!  It’s filthy again?!  How did you do that so fast?
Bart: There is a darker power in the world than your magic.  Ten year old boys.

Hex in the City Pt. 4
After tapping Suzanne the Witch

Suzanne: That Bart is driving me crazy.  Why did I ever take a job as his magical nanny?  I’ve got to go home and rest.
Make Suzanne Rest in her Gingerbread House with a Migraine- 8hrs

If you don’t have Barney’s Bowlarama (a premium building) this is where your Suzanne the Witch Questline ends.  If you do have the Bowlarama you’ll unlock the 5th (and final) part of the quest….

Hex in the City Pt. 5
After tapping Suzanne the Witch

Suzanne: Mom, Dad!  Suzanne is trying to shove Bart into the oven.
Homer: Now, Lisa, she’s a professional.  If she needs to give Bart a time out, let her.
Suzanne: I just couldn’t take it!  The kid is driving me crazy!  Six months of rehab ruined.
Homer: I’m afraid we’ll have to fire you.  We’ll write you a letter of reference, but it’ll just be one of those wishy-washy ones that doesn’t really say anything.
Suzanne: Fine, I’ll go.  But first you must pay me the thing most precious to your heart: your first-born son!
Homer: Well…he’s A thing that’s precious to my heart.  But here’s THE thing.
Suzanne: I gotta admit, it’s a pretty nice bowling ball.
Make Suzanne Go Bowling at Barney’s Bowlarama- 12hrs

And with that the Gingerbread House questline is complete…as are all of your personal prize collection quests!  Congratulations on collecting all 10 items!  Now onto the Community items!

18 responses to “Tapped Out Halloween Walkthroughs: The 9th and 10th GOO prizes, Burns Coffin & Gingerbread House

  1. Hey, just wondering how u know this will finish tomorrow? I assumed it would last all Halloween, is there anything else we need to purchase quickly (besides candy etc) thanks

  2. I got part 6 of the Count Burns before part 5… anyone else seen this?

  3. Hi, do you know if it is possible to win all the personal prizes without visiting other peoples towns please? Debby

  4. “Keep Homer free when complete”

    Love it :-))

  5. my question is: once you got more than 10.000 GOO (MOJE is how they’ve named in Spanish :/) what’s next? Donuts?!?!

    • Once you’ve collected 10,000 MOJE (GOO) you unlock the Spooktacular Bonus, where for every 2,000 MOJE you collect you have a chance to win 1, 2 or 3 Dounts. Not a bad incentive right? You can check out today’s Question Corner post or Bunny’s GOO Calender for more information (and screenshots!) Happy GOOing and good luck!

    • In previous social events, EA gave us a turn in option for extra currency that awarded different things. I believe it was a mystery box but my memory isn’t what it used to be. Hopefully that’s their plan for this event too!

  6. Seriously I have been playing hours and hours each day and still sitting under 2000 and arrrr I want all of them so bad right now or sooner!!!!

    Seems like my town doesn’t have many ghosts I guess my town is too good?

    • I stumbled across an easy way to get more goo
      First in unhaunt buildings that are already haunted you receive 2 goo instead of 1 & money
      Second by clicking 4 ghost then waiting and finding a cluster you can up by 1-4 depending on how quick your tapping fingers are
      I managed to get over 15 after the 4 today bc there was a huge cluster of ghost and I gained at least 25 right there. It’s tedious but worth it.
      I got the gingerbread and witch about two hours ago and since then I’ve got 1000+ more goo I think 400 of that was from my gremlins though. It is all possible with just patience and tapping. Hope you get some goo rolling in David. *Happy Tapping*

    • How many neighbors do you have? Try adding more (you can visit our friends page to find plenty of Tappers looking to expand their neighborhoods!). The more friends you have the easier it is to collect GOO since you can earn at least 8 GOO per neighbor per day..plus Gremlins (which will either earn you 2 or 4 GOOs depending on your neighbor squashing it). Hope that helps! Happy GOOing! 🙂

  7. This is amazing!!! How did you get to 10k goo in 5 days!???? Did you spend $150 to buy enough donuts???

    • I actually got it by having 100 friends all active, tapping 2 times a day through my town (spend more time writing here so don’t have a ton of time to spend on my town at the moment), and visiting my neighbors daily to tap and drop gremlins. I also keep trying to get the double n triple tap on the ghosts too. (Hit a group of 3 or more at same time for that last 1/5 hit. You get extra Goo this way).

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