The Boss Made Me Do It

For those of you newer to our blog…HI! WELCOME! I am the crazy Bunny that has escaped from the Addicts Asylum and is now locked in the basement chained to a computer by Alissa. Huh? I am supposed to tell them what? FINE! Fat Tony is telling me that’s not what I was told to say. Sigh. Hi! Bunny here. In this glorious green grassy field hopping around to my delight and…WHAT NOW??! No. NO! Fine!

happy  bunny

Welcome to the inner workings of Bunny’s mind. Where she takes garbage, trash, and other random items from around Springfield (better hold on to your kids) and places them (somehow) into an image resembling…some thing…or some one. Please to enjoy.

So my Evil Warlord Boss Mark (he’s not really evil, or a warlord…don’t tell him that) has made me an offer I can’t refuse. To make with the making of a said 2D to resemble his favorite character in the game, Fat Tony.


After being tortured for hours…err…after much discussion, I agreed and the deal was sealed (that ring tasted metal-y…I would suggest no one else kiss it).

On with the making of things. I like to start with a focal point to get my center area. Propane Tanks always work well for eyes (one man’s trash…) and form the shape I want in a rough outline. Add a few Snapdragons for eyes and he is looking at me. He IS?! Oh no! Ummm…look busy.


Next is a general outline of the facial features like nose, mouth, face, and ears. The Small Hedge is still my favorite on this for its flexibility and cost.


Next up is his FABULOUS hair (don’t tell him it is anything else different…unless you want to swim with the fishes). Snapdragons work well to outline the main head of hair, while Trash Cans give it the extra “salt and pepper” kind of look. What a nice head of hair.


Now what is a fabulous mafioso without some fancy threads? Snapdragons for his jacket. Newspaper Dispensers for his shirt and Trash Cans to line the seams (thank goodness he doesn’t sport those ugly “gym onesies”…I didn’t say that. No. I didn’t…it was…HER!)


Last but certainly not least, his cigar (they stink, blah…don’t tell him I said that). This one gave me some trouble. I reworked it many times. Finally settling on some Wooden Fences and Boardwalk Fences for the cigar itself. Newspaper Dispensers and Trash Cans for the burning ash n smoke.


…Fat Tony ladies and gentelmen (clap…louder…LOUDER…COME ON…YOU TRYING TO GET ME WHACKED HERE?!)…now as for the odd look at the stitching…you can thank the green mist currently in the towns. Lol. While it is there, it is near impossible to get a good shot without mist, ghosts, or leaves floating by. Lol


Now I am being put back into the trunk to “go for a ride”. I (think) I will see you all later.



UPDATE: The boss told me I have to put up a much nicer picture now that he’s made the mist go away…

Fat Tony

17 responses to “The Boss Made Me Do It

  1. You continually amaze me Bunny, Wow!! I like the “mood” lighting too.

  2. Love your work as always (except for that multieyed, eightlegged Freak…) Alissa, you’re Amazing but a basement is no place for a Bunny 🙁

  3. Excellent job Bunny!

  4. Not sure if my first comment went through so I’ll ask again. Awesome job again. What app do you use to layer screenshots like that? Android or IOS? I’m on Android and need a functioning screenshot program.

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