A lil Halloween Treat Courtesy of EA

EA has really been quite generous to us this event. Plenitude of donuts, lots of free buildings, game cash purchasable items, and much much more.

I guess they felt they wanted to toss in just a little more. So hop on over to your game RIGHT NOW as this item is only available today. Halloween.

Mr. Burns will introduce you to the Halloween treat as soon as you log into your game:


Mr Burns: Excellent! The sheeple are popping billions of ghosts, fueling my soul-burning energy empire! And all I had to do was give away some knick-knacks

Smithers: But sir, our data show people are slowing down. They feel their small GOO contributions won’t make a difference toward the group total.

Mr Burns: Just like how one vote won’t make a difference in a election? Well, those people are WRONG! Might I remind everyone of the Bush-Gore election debacle in Florida?

Mr Burns: If just one more Supreme Court justice had voted for Gore, he would have become president!


Happy Halloween! A free Wailing Wall has been put in your Storage. Use it to do your part and pop ghosts… or another Bush presidency might happen! (Oh EA and their political satire jabs at the real word. They just love to ruffle feathers, don’t they?)

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Well, enjoy your FREE Halloween treat worth 50 donuts. (Not to mention it generates ghosts, which means more Goo.) Also, from reading between the lines in the dialog…King Homer is ours no matter what. 🙂



6 responses to “A lil Halloween Treat Courtesy of EA

  1. As nice as it is to get a free premium item, it would’ve been cool if the free gift had been a unique item. Still, not complaining

  2. What kind is this treat!! I didnt find it worthy the time we spent poping ghost

    • I’m not gonna complain on this one. Yes sooner would’ve been nicer to help Goo count, but getting a free 2.25% multiplier added to my town…I like that. Not to mention I didn’t have to waste 50 donuts on it. 🙂

      This is just a freebee anyway. The rewards for popping ghosts are the Community Prizes. I can’t wait to get King Homer. THAT is worth popping ghosts to me. 🙂

  3. The dialogue has made up for the naff gift.

    It is class

    • This is why I love to type out/screen capture the dialog. So I can go back later and read it again. EA cracks me up. Lil hidden jokes within those dialog boxes. 😛

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