Your Opinion Counts…Really it Does!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well December 3rd has come and gone and still no sign of Santa or the holiday update.  But don’t worry, I’ve got my Norad Santa Tracker App on so once I spot him I’ll be certain to let you all know!  While it’s frustrating waiting for the event to start, there is a silver lining.  You still have time to finish up all of those Thanksgiving Day quests (if you haven’t already) and purchase any last minute Thanksgiving Day Limited-Time items!

So while we all (im)patiently await the Holiday update to drop, we want to hear from you…the most amazing readers on the planet….about what you love about our site, what you hate about it & what you think we could be doing better (or would love to see).  Here’s your chance to sound off and let us know exactly how you feel, please don’t hold back.  We want to hear it all…the good, the bad & the ugly.  Leave us a note in the comments below about what you think.  Not comfortable leaving your name?  Not a problem, write it up as anonymous.  Not comfortable leaving us your thoughts in the comment section?  Not a problem, email them to us at

We value your opinion greatly here at Addicts and want to do everything we can to make this site your favorite spot for all things TSTO, so please don’t leave anything out!
For example…Do you:
-want more game posts, or less posts?
-want more from Bunny or less?
-want to hear more from Wookiee or you want me to lock him back up in Attic?
-want more 2D?  Or less design posts?
-think we need guest writers?

The list could go on and on….Nothing is off limits, so please share your thoughts with us.  We can’t wait to see what you have to say!

TSTO homer thinking

60 responses to “Your Opinion Counts…Really it Does!

  1. I love playing simpsons tapped out but it’s so frustrating not being able to get certain things without having to pay silly money,my personal thoughts are the higher level you get these donuts become cheaper to purchase as it shows regular and consistent players,that way ea and the addicts both get a slice of the pie,that’s just my thoughts happy new year

  2. I’m new to this blog and I’m having a problem with my simpson’s tapped out. I’m at level 38 (the last level, for now) and it keeps on force closing on me (unless I use wifi) why is that and will an update change that? Additionally,what’s the gift box for at the end of the xp bar on level 38 for?


    • I meant 37

    • It’s possible it’s a problem with your mobile network, which is why it’s more reliable on wifi. The gift box at the end of the XP bar is a bonus from EA while you await the new level to come in. Once you fill the XP bar you get to play the “bonus level up” game where you can select 1 of 3 boxes for free donuts. We have a full, detailed, post on it here. Hope that helps! 🙂

  3. I’m not sure if this opinion fully applies to the information you’re looking for from us, but I’d like to take a moment to comment on the patience and maturity of not only the writers, but also the readers of this site.

    Especially during this time of waiting for a white Christmas from EA, I’ve seen a lot of negativity from blogs and comments; people putting down EA and bashing the game [which I find MOST offensive considering my addiction to it ;)]. I’ve seen none of that here.

    And I think those people fail to realize that the folks who work at EA have families and friends and it’s the holiday season for them, too, and I love my little semi truck, not to mention the fact that the game is growing in the number of players, the number of devices it’s compatible on, and the number of updates and new data being brought in, and maybe let’s all calm down and cut them some slack.

    So that’s my opinion. Thank you all for being so chill and informative and thanks to the readers for positive and helpful comments instead of hate!


    • Aw thank you Rachel! We strive to avoid the drama and negativity. We also try our best to encourage our readers to “keep calm and tap on”! 🙂

  4. Hey addicts! I was thinking that apart from the humour of bunny, wookie and cranky, and the down to earth informative posts from Alissa, and the fab diaries from Levi there are two things I’d like to see. One would be removing a couple of the addicts who don’t post very often (mark b and tsto addict) and the second would be to make a monthly quiz based on tsto. Thanks for providing a great site for all to enjoy, wilki1999

  5. All of you guys and gals at TSTOADDICTS are the greatest in my opinion! I come here for info, for humor, for an unbiased opinion (thank you Cranky) bc i also am an older cranky (wife calls me Mr Pissy) kinda guy, I love the the site period! i find everything here! I enjoy everyone’s postings aka Wookie, Bunny, Levi, Cranky, and Alissa! Never found a site more entertaing, funny and informative! Better to have a staff who plays than one that just pumps info! I am greatful to you Alissa for showing your warm heart when you allow Wookie out of the attic and Bunny from her basement! Happy Holidays to all of you and thank you for showing me that We as Addicts are truly united!!!

  6. You shpould have an advice or Q&A column. For example, if someone wants to know the best wayto get donuts other than paying real money, what could they do? Or if you just had a “Tip of the Week” column for new players. That would be nice.

  7. You know how you can change kustyland tickets for cash?! You should be able to exchange cash to donuts…. I keep on collecting cash, but hardly ever get any donuts.. Theres a bunch of great stuff i really want but cant save enough to buy anything cool…

  8. Maggie should be her own character!

  9. I wanna b able to rotate buildings 360 and higher level cap! Maby 45 or 50. Oh and 1 last thing i dont wanna have to search for my people they shuld be on a list when there not busy; the missions are on a list why cant the people be on 1 too?!?!

  10. Wouldn’t suggest a thing !

  11. Even CBG would find nothing to complain about in an online rant at the Java Server. 😉

    I’ve probably said it before, but the attitude of this site is amazing. I too stopped reading certain other blogs when the drama and general ambiance of the site became distasteful and combative; neither of those problems have ever been an issue here, which I truly appreciate. It is a game after all, and it’s nice to find a community that still treats TSTO as a recreational activity.

    Keep up the excellent work!

  12. I would really like more about buying premium items. While there are posts about whether it is worth it, I think more of a I have 100 donuts, what should I buy? Or, which premium character or item you should save up for. More comparisons, as opposed to evaluating each one on its own. I do not pay for donuts, so it is a huge decision for me to spend any (that take me months to accumulate), so more discussion about which ones are worth the investment if you only have x amount of donuts (or, it’s really worth saving up to get item x).

    • Hi Hilaryvm! Thanks for the great suggestion! It’s something we’ll be sure to incorporate into the site with the impending update looming! 🙂

  13. I love this website! You guys do a great job with all of the posts and updates. I can remember back in the day with other sites that new information would not be released right away. I also love how when people have questions or comments there is always a quick reply with the best answer. I would like to see another post with a 2-d walk through. Other than that keep up the great work you guys are doing!

    • Well thank YOU! 🙂 We try to get new info out as quickly as possible. Gets a lil tricky the more EA hides and sneaks surprises in. Our goal has always been our readers come first. And we strive to keep that in any way we can.

      In regards to 2D…many more to come. It’s my personal passion and love and I know both myself and Wooster get great joy making them. 🙂

  14. I love this website.The only things I would like to see fixed/added is:
    1 – page navigation buttons on the bottom of the page.
    2 – the search box is too exact and doesn’t show matches for similar words. An example is when I searched “weeknd dad” and made a slight spelling mistake, the search came up with nothing at all. The same thing happens with words that can be spelled differently, such as, color – colour, favorite – favourite, adviser – advisor, donut – doughnut.

    • Hi Dans! Thank you so much for the kind words! Also, thanks for the suggestions! We can definitely add Navigation buttons on the bottom of the page (unless you’re referring to the mobile view) and we’re looking into refining the search box to help it become a little less exact. Thanks again! 🙂

  15. Ok first off, love this site… love all the writers and I look forward to all the individual and off-the-wall/cuff rants, discussions and stories. I would like to step up and say that Cranky is my favourite Writer, I love his stories, his wit, knowledge and straightforward-ness., if you will.
    With that said, Wookie and Bunny are very entertaining and I love their contributions, I feel like they would all be good friends if I knew them because their personalities are right up my alley. I subscribe to the blog so I don’t miss any articles that would appeal to me.

    When I found this site my town was level 17 and I had that “so much to build, so little money” blues. Now at 37 I am on the home stretch, almost enough for the tooth-chipper, finished the questlines for squidport, caught up on main line quests, and money is no longer difficult to get. Took a lot of work and patience, but such a relief to be there.

    I LOVE the work and heart that goes into this blog, the obvious passion and joy you guys take in sharing/anticipating/revealing new content…
    It’s all I need really, I don’t go to any other site to find information. …Well that’s not strictly true. The EA forums I find are the best place to find out if there are server issues. If I can’t log into my game, I go there. If there’s a lot of angry people ranting about “poor management” and “feeding hamsters” then I know it’s not just me and leave that site…come here to see what interesting tidbits I can find.

    This morning I got in my game and saw a small update, and I had that submarine before I knew why. Then I came here to find out about it, but nothing was up yet. I had to run to the store, and when I got back there it was. I am so thrilled to get in on limited content, Still jealous over the supercollider and black hole… darnit.

    The only thing I’d change about the site is the search feature, trying to find a specific post for reference or information can be difficult sometimes. But with that said, the staff is always helpful in finding what I’m looking for.

    I have no interest personally in 2D or 3D (yet) might have to try some 3D eventually 🙂 But I still check them out and am amazed by the creativity of the readers and writers alike.

    Anyway, don’t change a thing, and Cranky you keep being yourself and darn the torpedoes. I think of you every time Dolph sits in Grandpas lap with the magazine and the pigeons, and wish I had a black hole to add to the scene. 🙂

    LadyPandi, Pandi, or in game: misspandi.
    Always looking for interesting neighbors who play regularly and take pride int heir town. No massive oceans of houses… I have about 20 quality neighbors. Over time I’ve found that 100 is too much!
    Rather have a few good neighbors than a lot of …meh.

    • Aw thank you for your kind words! We certainly put a lot into the site to make it fun, entertaining and informative and absolutely love that you’re enjoying it!
      Thanks for the suggestion on the search options. It’s something we will definitely be working on! Thanks again for the kind words and enjoy the new decorations! 🙂

  16. I come here for everything Simpsons! I constantly check to keep up to date! Thanks for all the info, guys!

  17. Love the site. Do you guys have a twitter account where you can let everyone know there’s a new post? I don’t mind the crossover at all. The more content, the better.

  18. Not sure where to post this- but I got a new update (not obviously Xmas). Lisa starts and has a dialogue with Skinner about meeting in secret. Should have saved it, but I tapped through to quickly!

    • Thanks! We’ve got you covered, just posted about it here! It’s an episode tie-in for this Sunday 🙂

      • Saw that – I honestly couldn’t figure out why I seemed to have it/report about it first! Not what happens to me usually! Where would something like that normally be posted (for a non Addict columnist)?

        • You’re more than welcome to post comments about updates on any post you like, we see them all. You can also post on our Forums.
          Usually when an update like that hits, depending on the size, we try to post about it right away and update that post as we uncover more. For something like this, since it was a minor update I wrote up the full post (dialogue and all) and then posted it. If it’s a level update or a big event, we’ll usually just say the update has hit and continuously update that post (like we did for the Thanksgiving and Black Friday updates). 🙂

    • Thanks. We got all the details for yah already. 🙂

  19. I like everything about the blog. The writers are so creative, and write with a sense of humor which really makes it an enjoyable read. It has helped me out on numerous occasions and provided me with inspiration and a few chuckles in between. What more could anyone ask for? I also like Cranky, I usually enjoy his take on the game. I’m all for having different opinions, it broadens my horizons and might point out something I hadn’t noticed. Criticism is healthy! I must confess, Bunny is my favorite, but as you can see by my pet rabbit in my avatar I’m partial to bunnies!

    • Aw thank you leifye! We’re so glad you enjoy what we do and that we can help and inspire you at times! We all truly love the game, the blog, our readers and each other (most days…) and we’re so glad that and our personalities come out in our writing! And don’t worry, I’ll be sure to keep Bunny’s ego in check now that she knows she’s your favorite! (and no Bunny…that doesn’t mean you can come out from the basement!) 🙂

    • Awwwww 🙂
      THANK YOU!! How could you go wrong with a Bunny? They’re so fluffy…I’m gonna die 😛

  20. Wow, a chance to vent my spleen about the site about all the changes I want to see, here we go…



    Damn! I have nothing! To be honest, this is a great site with a variety in the writing styles/subjects that, in my opinion, separates it out from other sites. It feels a lot more personal here and I love to see how the writers interact with the game. I don’t necessarily think guest posts are needed but it also depends if you get a lot of requests from other tappers wanting to contribute. I guess then it depends on your time and how much spare time you have to devote to the upkeep of the site and proofread/accept guest posts.

    As I mentioned, the personal touches how the writers interact with the game is key for me. We have the 2D/3D posts but if/when other elements develop that take you out of the normal game play, perhaps some posts about those. What these are, I don’t know but I do know the game does keep moving. Ramble over!

    • Aw thanks Cleckers! We love that we can be more personal with our readers. Addicts is one great big (dysfunctional at times) family and we love every minute of it! We all truly love the game, the blog, our readers and each other (most days…) and we’re so glad that comes out in our writing!
      Thanks for the suggestions and ideas and we’ll be sure to keep plugging away! 🙂

  21. So glad I found this site. A lot of great information and easy to navigate. I look forward to the posts from all the staff – don’t dare stifle any of ’em. If anything, more posts from everyone (yeah!). And Cranky… I love me some Cranky. Keep at it dude. You’re writing’s great. A bad company doesn’t mean all employed were bad. So once more, let’s bury the dead and never sully the air (or page) with the name again. Hugs to platypus, all the staff and all the tstoaddicts out there. 🙂

  22. This blog is almost as addictive as TSTO itself! I’m a big fan. 2D isn’t my favorite, but I’d enjoy some more post on practical design ideas for towns like the better towns and neighbors series does. I really like how helpful everyone is. Please keep it coming!

    • Thanks for the kind words Lauren! We love that we’ve become an addiction on top of the addiction! Thank you for the suggestion and more practical design post ideas coming, we promise! 🙂

  23. I think this blog is great and I love the newspaper layout. I love Bunny’s quirkiness. I love CrankyOldGuy’s stories. I love Wookiee’s addict meeting’s; speaking of which, it’s been awhile. I appreciate Bunny and Wookiee showing the readers the process to their 2D/3D creations. I like Levi’s revisiting characters and episodes. I like how all the writers will get involved with finding in-game references to past episodes, even the golden calf. I like CrankyOldGuy’s scientific knowledge. I can’t say I have much aptitude in that department, but I do pick up bits and pieces. I confess The Big Bang Theory helps. I like the Walkthroughs. I like how Alissa keeps it together. I like how there is always a weeks recap of the highlights on the weekend.

  24. This is far and away the best tsto blog out there. Great articles, great writers and opinions with very little speculation. I used to go searching for info between many blogs but now I just read yours. Everything I need without having to read some rubbish that has no substance that the writer feels the need to express. Overall I love you guys, COG makes me laugh and feel young again, wookie and bunnydud inspire me and it’s all rolled together with info from the rest of the gang. Awesome job done by the lot of you

    • Thank you so much for the kind words Matt! We certainly try our best to put out only the best content for our readers & glad we can be of help to you! And Wookiee and Bunny inspire me too! Always in awe of the work they do! 🙂

  25. Would not change anything. Think you all do a cracking job.

  26. I love that this exsists. When I get suck or lost I come here for all my information. I want more on the “should I waste my donuts” such a big help. Overall I love this website!!!!!!!

    • Aw thank you Kelbel! We love that you (and all of our readers) exist! With out you guys there would be no Addicts. So glad we’re able to help you navigate through your game!
      The donut posts are a big hit and I think we’re completely up-to-date on breaking every premium item down from the start of the game to now. But we’ll make sure we keep pumping them out quickly once a new update hits!
      Thanks again for your kind words! 🙂

  27. I agree, and I am put off by Cranky too. Why does this blog run his stuff, if he wants to blog with the other site then no need to be here as well. Why devalue this site with duplication? I am basically a happy and positive person, and his whiny outlook is a fail for me. I play TSTO for fun, it’s a choice; his choice to moan and complain as a posture is lame. Does he think spoiling it is clever? I would prefer that he kept his smugly miserable outlook to himself and to back off the shared blog space that is a pleasurable pastime for players who don’t think it’s all about ego.

    • Hi Helen! Thanks for supporting Addicts & participating in our opinion post! We love and respect each and every one of our readers, and truly value their opinions. I know Cranky can be a bit of a curmudgeon and you either love him or hate him, there is no in-between! We also try to ensure the posts he puts up on Addicts are entirely different than anything he does anywhere else, we like to think of it as a Kinder, Gentler Cranky…if there is such a thing!
      We made the decision months ago to run his posts because we wanted readers to have a way to read his posts (for those that love him) with out having to go to “the site that shouldn’t be named”. We’ve ensured that we kept the promises we made here and kept this a drama free zone.
      Try to think of Cranky as that Grandpa that tells a lot of “back in my day…” stories and you have to visit him because your mom makes you. But just because you have to visit him…doesn’t mean you have to listen 🙂

  28. I absolutely love this blog. Its very well written by people who know their stuff. Ive been coming here daily for months. The only thing that bothers is cranky.. I know he writes for those gamezino people. I think I moved on from that ordeal from last summer but even when I try to give him a shot, he bothers me. I just have to keep telling myself that if the good people from this blog think hes ok, there must be something about him I didnt see.

    • Aw thank you! We love you (and all of our readers) too! Thanks for your support and loyalty all these months 🙂
      I know Cranky can be a bit of a lightning rod. Readers either love him or hate him, there is no in-between we’re finding. For the most part we’ve done as promised and stayed away from the drama of “the site that shouldn’t be named”. However, we brought Cranky over here as a way for readers who enjoy what he writes to read it with out having to visit the other site. So try and think of him like your Grandpa…he tells a lot of stories and you have to visit him because mom said so but you don’t have to listen to him. 🙂

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