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Tapped Out Christmas Personal Prizes: The First Two Gift Card Prizes Egg Nog & Christmas Trees

Hey Howdy Hey Gift Grabbing Tappers!

By now you’re all in the thick of gift card collecting and you should have (at least) unlocked the first two Gift Card Prizes, the Egg Nog Bar & the Holiday Tree (Woohoo free prizes!  Woohoo Egg Nog!).  Let’s take a look at what happens once you unlock and place these two prizes in your Springfield!

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No Grinching Around This Christmas: The Lowdown on Gil, Grumple & Gifts

Hey Howdy Hey Gift Grabbers!

You enjoying the first 3 days of the Christmas Update?  Are you staying on track with your Gift Card Grabbing? (check out Bunny’s Calendar to see if you’re on the right track)

We’ve been reading each and every one of your comments (we LOVE hearing from you guys, keep them coming!) and I wanted to take a moment to address a couple of questions that have come up over and over again in the comments.  A lot of you are asking “How Do I Get the Grumple?”, “I Want to Buy Donuts, Any truth to the Gil rumor?” & “Is EA planning any Christmas surprises? Like Thanksgiving.”  Well….we’ve finally gotten answers from our resident IT nerd and we’re happy to share all of the Addicts confirmed (from game files) info with our favorite fellow Addicts!

First up…let’s talk everyone’s favorite salesman Gil.  According to the files (viewed with our own bloodshot eyes) Gil WILL be making an appearance this event with a DONUT OFFER! (woohoo!)  It won’t be a discounted donut offer instead it looks as though it will be a bonus donut offer.  Similar to the deal that ran last Christmas, offering 25% more donuts with every pack. (so 12 donuts will become 15)  Looks as though it’s a one day only special and will ONLY be available on December 25th.  So if you have plans to drop some “dough” on those pink frosted donuts, you may just want to wait until Christmas to do so.  You’ll get more frosting for your dough!

Next up the deal with the Grumple and special bonus planned.  Warning SPOILERS ahead.  If you want to be surprised (and see what Santa brings you) don’t click read more…but if you’re like me…and enjoy searching for your Christmas presents before they’re under the tree click read more to find out what Santa’s bringing!   Continue reading

Where did THAT come from – Candy Kevin (and the Grumple sort of)

Hey there Gift Grabberinos!

Wow… this holiday update is one doozy of an event. I’m having a blast in my town AND on Addicts.

Like I’ve said before, one of the bennies of this blog job (I think of it as a snow job right now lol) is getting to tell you where things come from. I thought I’d start out with Candy Kevin.

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TAAA DAAAAAA Christmas Gift Card Calendar

Here yah go JP and Marco and all you other awesome readers that asked me to HURRY UP AND POST THE CALENDAR!  🙂

Bunny has lost her frakkin mind (what’s new, right?) So ANOTHER personality is gonna take over for her instead. Be afraid she was the sane one. 😛

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