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450 Million Gift Bags! The FIRST Community Prize is here!

Woo frakkin hoo!  We got our first community prize!  You might be an Addict if you watched a countdown in real time for over 30 minutes.

After 8 days of wishing and hoping and thinking and praying, the Krusty Themed Totem Pole is finally ours.  Coupled with the good news of EA agreeing with our fears of not getting all the prizes due to steep community goals and making them more obtainable, I’m a happy Wookiee!  We actually should be able to get all five community prizes before the event ends on January the 7th.  Cue the celebratory fanfares!  Let’s all sing: It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas….

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The Addicts Holiday Contest Is OFFICIALLY Over

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Thank you to everyone who submitted their designs!  We’re combing through the submissions picking the top 10 as we speak.

Good luck to everyone who entered!  You guys are AMAZING and we love seeing your creativity!

Update: Wow you guys really have some talent!  We’re currently going through the 100+ submissions (between comments and email) and narrowing it down to just 10 (not an easy task!).  We WILL have the top 10 for you TODAY and voting will start.
Keep checking TSTOAddicts.com to see if your design made the finals!

Tapped Out Christmas 3rd and 4th Personal Prizes: Hey Elves, Let’s Go to The Mall!

Alissa already brought you some great information on the first two Personal Prizes you can receive as you collect all those gift cards. I am now going to move on to the 3rd and 4th Personal Prizes in the game because I know you are just DYING to get them (if you don’t already have them you crazy fast addicts you).

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COMMUNITY PRIZES: Christmas Edition 2013

Note from Alissa: Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!  Just dropping in with a quick note.  First off as of this little update note (4pm EST on 12/17/13) we’re sitting at just shy of 403,000,000 Gift Bags dropped.  So keep dropping those Gift Bags my friends.  We’ll unlock the first prize by this weekend!  
Second, and this is a biggie so listen up!  According the game files it looks like EA has dropped the requirements to reach the community prizes DRASTICALLY.  It looks like the NEW totals are as follows:  
1st Prize: Remains the same at 450 million.    
2nd Prize: Dropped to 625 million (down from 1 billion)
3rd Prize: Dropped to 800 million (down from 1.5 billion)
4th Prize: Dropped to 975 million (down from 2 billion)
5th and final Prize: Dropped to 1.1 billion (down from 2.5 billion) as of 12/29/13 EA again has changed the total. 1.2 billion now.
I’ve added next to Bunny’s numbers to show the new estimated total according to the files.

Clearly EA is hearing the complaints of the goals not being reached fast enough and they want to ensure we unlock ALL of the prizes.  Of course we won’t know for absolute certainty until we unlock the first prize and see what in fact the next goal in the game is…EA is sneaky like that.  But i’m fairly certain they’re not trying to be Grinchy this Christmas and want to make sure we unlock EVERYTHING.  
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Now is the winter of my 2D discontent

Ok… I know it is completely melodramatic to misquote Shakespeare to make my point, but it seemed like a great segway into today’s 2D Tuesday post.

Winter has come to Springfield.  With the vast blanket of white and programming tweaks to decorations came some changes for all the tappers who like to creat art in their towns.  Just check out what Old Man Winter did to Bunny’s Werewolf Flanders if you need proof.

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EA Has Listened and Responded

So while I sit here going through all your comments, I can’t help but to giggle a little. Only a few months back we started this lil blog with the outlook of “sit back, relax, and share our fun and enjoyment with others”. We have come a long way since.

In that time, we started voicing our opinions over and over. Our “wish lists” if you will of ways that EA could make the game friendlier and easier to use. EA is really taking a look at all we say (Us and YOU) and has now made some pretty cool changes to the game that we have been asking for.

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Where did THAT come from – Clausco

CLAUSCO… doesn’t that name just sound ominous? The building looks just as foreboding as that name makes me feel. Basically everything that’s wrong with corporate Christmas rolled into a manifestation in my favorite game lol.

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