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What Would The Addicts Do: Gil, Grumple, and Wheel Tokens

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Everyone enjoy their ho ho ho day?!  Was Santa good to you?  I know I enjoyed Christmas…especially when Gil, the Grumple & free Reindeer are concerned!  Have you taken advantage of these yet?  (well the free Reindeer is NLA, but did you take advantage of it?)  Looking through the comments over the last couple of days many of you want to know just what we would do when it comes to Gil, the Grumple & a few other things.  So I wanted to take a minute to tell you WWTAD….
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TSTO Anonymous… The Birth of an Addict

Well hello there Addicterinos, Tapaholics and TSTO Junkies,

I find it hilarious that none of these terms seem offensive to me.  What a cool thing it is that being “addicted” to a mobile app is something we treasure here on this site.  In a world full of some really uncool and bumerrific stuff, there are so many worse things than really, really, really liking a silly, little game based on The Simpsons.

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WDTCF – Springfield Mall

Well hello there tapperinos and tappettes.  How’s everybody doing?  Is everyone’s real-life holidays everything they hoped for?  What’s that?  You haven’t had time to enjoy them because you’ve been glued to your device playing the TSTO Holiday update?  Well, me too.  Who needs real life when you can be stuck inside your very own Springfield anyways.

All the holiday prep is so overwhelming sometimes.  You gotta go brave the masses at all the local stores and malls just to buy the little ones something cool only to find them playing more with the box.  My one year old showed me last night that spinning a stroller wheel is way more fun than any toy he has.  Speaking of wheels, how’s everyone doing with their Holiday Wheels?

I hope by now that folks are getting more than one spin a day and al the prizes they desire.  I know it’s frustrating to try and get all those prizes.  I swear that Ice God sculpture is mocking me every time I flick my screen.  Oh well though, we got lots of free stuff and one of my favorites free items is the Springfield Mall.  It is the 3rd community prize and is something every tapper playing this update should have by now.

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