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Reminder: New Simpsons Episode “White Christmas Blues”

“Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful.  And since we’ve no place to go…let it snow let it snow let it snow!”

Well Hello There Gift Grabbing Tappers!

Well…it’s snowing in TSTO and it’s snowing at my house so how about a little snow in Springfield?  Well, that’s exactly what happens in this week’s episode of the Simpsons!

Be sure to tune in tomorrow (Sunday) to check out the latest episode of the Simpsons.  Supposedly Springfield has been covered with snow, as a result of a leak at the Power Plant, turning everyone’s favorite city into a “Wookiee Wonderland”  just in time for Christmas!  Be sure to watch all the hilarity as Marge turns the Simpson’s house into a holiday boarding house full of Christmas Cheer! (or is it….)

Check out this teaser from the episode

Will you be watching?  Let us know in the comments below (you know how much we love hearing from you all!)  🙂

Where did THAT come from – Snow Monster

Just hear those sleigh bells ringalin, jing jing jingalin too, Yes sir, it’s lovely weather for a “where did that come from” for you….

Isn’t my singing voice lovely?

For this holiday edition of WDTCF, I thought I’d take you way back to a bit of my childhood. What does that have to do with a character from the holiday update? EVERYTHING.

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So for this fun and exciting Christmas 2013 event, EA has chosen to give us additional goodies and prizes in the form of a Wheel. Everyone likes to spin the wheel, right? I know I do. Everytime I go to any event, I just gotta grab a hold of that thing and SPIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN it. ( I blame the Price Is Right.) Well now everyone has a chance to spin the wheel too.
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Weekend Update: December 8th-14th

Phew, what a week we have had. You all having fun yet? Glitchin still? Well I have been ALL over the U.S. this week. East coast to West coast. Ran into a bunch of fellow Addicts. You all are a bunch of nut cases just like me, and I LOVE IT!!!


No worries, I AM an Addict through and through, so I WAS playing and keeping an eye on you guys all along the way. I enjoy it THAT much. Just no more peanuts or pretzels please. You’d think they’d at least have a carrot or 3 aboard.  🙂

TSTO on airplane

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