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Sunday Night Holiday Fun: Show Us Your Lights!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Only 3 more days till Christmas are you getting excited?  I know I am!  See to me there’s nothing better than driving down the road and seeing houses all lit up with Christmas lights.  Or sitting in my living room and just staring at the Christmas tree, while watching endless television shows playing Christmas episodes.  I love this time of the year, it just makes everything seem prettier!

In my family I’m annoyingly affectionately known as a Griswold because I LOVE Christmas and Christmas lights.  To me the brighter, and more obnoxious, your house looks the better.  Although, my better half keeps me in line when it comes to just how many lights we actually put up (can’t blame him he grew up with only candles in the windows for Christmas lights).  Our house has been decorated since Black Friday and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  And it’s not so much the quantity of lights for me…it’s more just that they’re there.

So Tappers I figured since tonight there is no new Episode of the Simpsons, we’d do something a little more fun.  A little more personal.  I wanna see how YOU decorate for the holidays!  Show us your outside lights, show us your Christmas tree, show us your neighbors gaudy decorations…just show us Christmas!  Post your photos in the comments below (you can use Dropbox, FlickR or even Facebook to link your photo to the comments), I can’t wait to see how you guys decorate this time of year!

I’ll kick things off with a few of my own personal photos of our decorations and being that I live only about 45 minutes from NYC i’ve included some of the sights of New York at Christmas (forgive the terrible quality of the cellphone photos):
pageSo let’s have a little fun and show us your lights, your city’s lights or some complete stranger’s lights!  Can’t wait to see how your house/neighborhood/city celebrates the holidays!

And we’ll be back bright and early with more TSTO Christmas Update Updates….Happy Sunday Tappers!

IMPORTANT: New Things In Tapped Out Today! Santa Village & Hidden Quest (Updated 12/23)

Well Good Morning My Favorite Gift Grabbing Addict Tappers!

Happy Sunday before Christmas!  Here at TSTO Addicts we’re all…well…Addicted to Tapped Out.  Often times this addiction results in insomnia f0r Wookiee, Bunny & myself.  We’re so dedicated to the game and to bringing you the latest and greatest info in the game that when something…like the Community Prize…is about to drop at least 1 of us will stay up and count down until it does.  And that’s what happened last night & this morning.

Last night the Second Community Prize (Santa Village) dropped and this morning it appears as though we have a little hidden quest that has unlocked for us!  The Great Donut Caper quest should be ready to launch in your games Tappers (after Tapping on Homer).  This quest was rumored to start on Christmas Eve, but thankfully the minds at EA decided to start it the week of Christmas instead.

santasworkshop_menu                                sidebar_xmas_holidaydonut
Want to know more?  Keep reading to find out more about the 2nd Community Prize AND The Great Donut  Caper …(WARNING SPOILER)
UPDATE 12/23- After the fold the post has been updated to include Part 2 of The Great Donut Caper…

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625 Million Gift Bags and counting… the Second Community Prize

And heeeeeeere’s Santa!  Well, not really but definitely a place for him to rest his caboose.  Yes that’s right Tappers and Tappettes, we got our second Community Prize.  Santa’s Workshop is ours!  Does anyone else feel like the last 175 million counted down real slow?


Wait, I’m getting word from the control room that Kent has breaking news on this development… let’s go over to him and see what’s going on…. Continue reading