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TSTO Addicts Holiday Contest: Top 10 Finalists, Voting CLOSED

Hey Howdy Hey Gift Grabbing Tappers!

Well we’ve poured over every single entry you guys submitted to our TSTO Addicts Holiday Contest and the ONLY thing we could all easily agree on is you guys have some AMAZING talent!  Seriously, it was so hard for us to narrow it down to just 10!  But after much debating, back and forth and having to lock Bunny and Wookiee into their respective floors of the house…we’ve FINALLY picked our Top 10!
christmas contest graphic

Drum roll please……………(come on you know you all want to make the noise for me!)
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WDTCF – Springfield Skating Rink

Well hello there holiday tapperinos!

Wookiee back with another where did THAT come from. You may have noticed I got all hip and shortened the words into a spiffy abbreviation. Cool, eh? As it seems that recently some of our ideas have been catching on in other blogs, we figured we’d do every one a favor and shorten it for future “borrowing”. Nothing says the holidays like gift giving, right? Since Bunny coined the phrase, I decided to go all military abbreviation crazy and kick things up a notch lol. Seriously though, I’m probably just too lazy to type the words. You know how I hate to type words.

So you ready for this round? You really want to know just where that Skating Rink comes from?  Well, before you all line up like Oliver begging for more, I’ll just get started. Besides, none of you really want to hear my Artful Dodger impression anyways.

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Tapped Out Christmas 5th and 6th Personal Prizes: Happy Little Elves on Ice!

Hey Howdy Hey Gift Grabbing Tappers!

The Christmas update has been out for 1 week now and if you’re following along with Bunny’s Gift Card Counter Calendar (try saying that 10 times fast!) you should be just past unlocking the 4th Personal Prize and on your way to unlocking the 5th Prize!
Of course we know a lot of you are crazy fast Addicts…us included….and have already zoomed past this stage!  But for those who aren’t let’s take a look at the 5th and 6th Personal Prizes for the Christmas Event!

Psst….you can find info on the first 2 prizes here and the 3rd and 4th prizes here!

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Where Did THAT Come From? Happy Little Elves Ride

Snow snow snowy snow. Not just in Springfield but also in Krustyland. While the ghosts were afraid of all the tourists over there, Mother Nature ain’t no punk. Krustyland got the snow treatment right and proper.

Even more than some crystallized precipitation, EA gave us a NEW ride for the park. Move over Tijuana, Krustyland just might be the Happiest Place right now. How much happier can you get than Happy Elves, right?

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