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WDTCF – Snowpeople

You spin me right round baby right round, like a spinny Wookiee going round, round round…Snowpeople on the wheel, spinning round round, gotta win them all, round and round, round round…

Phew… I’m a bit dizzy from that 80’s flashback. How is everyone’s holiday so far? Got your real life and TSTO decorations all up? Are your presents stockpiled for people you actually know? I certainly hope so because the gift giving bonanza that is corporate Christmas really is just around the corner.

Today, I wanted to talk about the snowpeople. Man I hate writing that word but in today’s politically correct world, it seems like the best term to describe a collection of snowmen, women and children is just that. Of course, any English nerd worth their salt knows that the true plural for a word is the masculine form but as I know chicks rock and have an impact on my general happiness in life, I’ll stick with snowpeople or snowpersons for now. Anywho…

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WDTCF: Christmas Raccoon

Hey hidey ho friendereenos!

How’s the update treating ya? You get all the neighbors you wanted?  If not, check out our friends area here.  I continue to be so enamored with this update. Granted there are quite a few days left but other than some 2D challenges, I really have no complaints.

Today I wanted to jump right on in to the BEST part of my job and talk about the origin of yet another character we got this holiday update. This particular character is the 7th personal prize, 18,000 gift cards, the Christmas Raccoon.

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Weekend Update: December 15th- 21st

Oh well hi there. I think my mind checked out some time ago. What day is it? Saturday??!! WHOA! Where did the time go??!!

Well it’s about that time again to recap all the crazy stuff happening this past week. Give you all a minute to catch up, or read the information for the first time. 🙂


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