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Yellow Subterfuge Sailing Off, Is Snow On the Horizon?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

By now we’re all truly feeling like kids at Christmas waiting for Santa (is he here yet, is he here yet)!  We’re all anxiously awaiting the Christmas Update drop from EA (SNOW!!), but the truth is no one really knows when it’s going to hit.  EA is holding the “Christmas Cards” close to their chest this go round and they’ve got all of us Addicts on our toes (or hairy paws in the case of Wookiee & Bunny) as to when it’s going to hit.  

While we don’t exactly know when the update is going to drop there are a couple of things we can see in the game files.  The Yellow Subterfuge Episode Tie-In Update is scheduled to “dive” away tomorrow morning (Tuesday).  At which point Santa could make his appearance…or EA could just play more “reindeer games” with us and see just how crazy we can get! (I think Bunny’s already gone mad with the anticipation. Last we heard…the orderlies were hauling her out of her hotel room in a cute white jacket that allowed her to hug herself.)

Starting to feel like you’re going a little crazy? Worried you might turn into Bunny? Here are some things you can do to help you “Keep Calm and Tap On” while waiting for Santa:

-The Yellow Subterfuge Episode Tie-In IS ending on 12/10/13. So make sure you’ve completed the quest, you’ve unlocked Oscar’s Obstacles Truck (it will be stored in your inventory once you do. Once it’s in your inventory it will stay there forever, or until you remove it), and if you were thinking about purchasing the USS Tom Clancy you do so before tomorrow. Once the update is gone you’ll miss out on your chance to purchase the Submarine for your Squidport!

-Check out Wookiee’s latest WAWW- Holiday Edition for some fun predictions on what EA could be providing us with this year.

-Check out our Christmas Preview post, for some steps you can be doing to help prep you for the Christmas Event.

-Start planning your holiday design for our Christmas contest, where you can win FREE DONUTS!!

And now for a little homework….

Join the conversation and tell us in the comments below what you’re hoping for this Christmas update & what you’ve been doing to “Keep Calm & Tap On”. We love hearing for you and can’t wait to see what you’ve all been doing to keep from turning into Bunny while waiting for the update to hit! (or maybe you’ve turned into Bunny…in which case tell us how you’re going crazy…)

Here’s hoping the forecast tomorrow calls for a little snow in Springfield!  


Bunny’s Blurb…Be Afraid

Well hello there all you fellow Addicts. Getting annoyed that the snow still hasn’t dropped yet? Getting a lil…impatient? Lol.

Snow Bunny

No worries, you will be quite happy here shortly. In the meantime, it is time for some random rambling from your resident Addicts Asylum Patient Zero. You ready for this? Well too bad, you are gonna get it anyway.

A lot of people, mainly the orderlies here, ask me why I am so crazy. Well, I don’t know. Neither do all the other voices in my head. That or they just refuse to tell me. In my crazy lil way, I think this game fits me just right. There seems to ALWAYS be something going on. Something to do. It fits very very well with that ADD of…SQUIRREL!

So…where was I? Oh yes, my cray cray (yah I just said that). Even now as I sit here in my hotel room on vacation, I just can’t seem to pull myself away from this game…more so…from this blog. Lol. I REALLY do enjoy writing for all of you. Letting you see a side of me that most in the real world run screaming from….errr…I mean LURVE. Yah, that’s it. They LURVE me. Now why am I just randomly typing up this stuff? To confuse you of course. Is it working?

Just don’t worry. I know you all are anxiously awaiting that new Christmas Event to drop. Trust me, so am I. My eyes are going buggy “frakkin files” to see if there is any hint of anything at all that I can find. As soon as something hits, we will be here…feeding you hungry hungry monsters as fast as we can. 🙂

So sit tight, keep your eyes on us. In the meantime, feel free to poke around the blog. Catch up on some stories you might have missed. See if there is something that catches your eyes. See if there is something that annoys the heck outta yah and let us know so we can bug you for being annoyed…errr…I mean…so we can make it all pretty and fix it for you. 😛


Episode Recap: Yellow Subterfuge

I really love that one of the bennies of this gig is I get to watch new Simpsons episodes and then recap them for you.  Bunny Foo Foo got the pleasure the last couple times, but as Alissa actually let her out of the basement for a vacation, it’s my turn this week.  Woo hoo!

Today we’re gonna go over Season 25, Episode 7, Yellow Subterfuge.  As all us tapaholics know due to the episode tie-in, it has something to do with Skinner’s secret plan.
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