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Vote for Your Favorite in our Addicts Holiday Contest! (Voting CLOSED)

Hey Howdy Hey Gift Grabbing Tappers!

Only 1 more day to vote for your favorites in our TSTO Addicts Holiday Contest, so be sure to vote for your favorite!

In no particular order the Top 10 are:
tinypaperairplane   Candy Cane Town              
                                                                  by TinyPaperAirPlanes    

Dawn     Mr. Plow by Dawn

Erika Fournier Christmas Tree Egg Nog by Erika F

  harryfox826 Christmas Chess by Harryfox 

Jacinta  Candy Cane Ho Ho Doh by                                                                                          Jacinta 

Alex Stout Stitch Ho Ho Doh Homer by Alex S

Dani   Hedgy Christmas by Dani

Grenisha Fields grenishafields@gmail.com Christmas Village by                                                                                            Grenisha Fields

  Stephanie Plotkin Stitch Christmas Town by                                                                                                Stephanie P

So here’s the deal.  We’ve picked the Top 10 but now YOU get to decide who wins!  That’s right, we’re passing the buck onto you guys….and the fate of these 10 finalists are in your Tapping Fingers!  So be sure to vote for your favorite!  Voting closes on December 21st, 2013 at 11:59pm (EST), and the winners will be announced Monday Morning, December 23rd…so be sure to vote early and often!

VOTING IS NOW CLOSED.  Winners will be announced on Monday December 23rd

For Official Contest Rules Check Out This Post

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Turbo Tappin’ Christmas 2013: Santa Flanders

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers,

Well it’s the Friday before Christmas, are you getting excited for Santa yet?!  Let’s break into the holiday spirit and prep ourselves for Santa’s arrival with a Turbo Tappin’ Walkthrough of Santa Flanders!

Santa Flanders is a Personal Prize that unlocks at the 22,000 Gift Cards Collected.  You can check out details of unlocking him on this post here.  Once you unlock Santa Flanders a 5 part quest should auto-start for Flanders (in the Santa Flanders costume).   If it doesn’t auto-start check to see if Flanders is on another task, and that he’s in his Santa skin.  If he’s not Santa, tap on Flanders and toggle to Santa.  If he IS Santa but the quest still doesn’t start, try hard closing the app and restarting.  That should (hopefully) “kick-start” the quest.

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Tapped Out Christmas 7th and 8th Personal Prizes: Raccoon in a Sweater & Flanders As Santa??!!

Hey Howdy Hey Gift Grabbing Tappers!

How are you doing on your Personal Prize Collecting?  Are you staying on track with Bunny’s Counter?  Or are you speeding right along?  (like good little TSTO Addicts! :D)

Anywho, time to take another look at the Personal Prize Collection and the new two prizes (7 & 8), the Christmas Raccoon & Santa Flanders.  Let’s take a look at how these two strange characters enter our world of TSTO…..

Psst….you can find info on the first 2 prizes here, the 3rd and 4th prizes here & the 5th & 6th prices here!

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A holiday WDTCF Ramble about the Egg Nog Bar and Santa Flanders

Whaaaaaazuuuuuuup!  Do you remember that obnoxious advertising campaign?  If not, Mytube has them I’m sure.  They were beer commercials.  Funny at first and then mildly irritating and then searing your brain cells.

One of the best parts of getting to blog on this site is sharing my love of The Simpsons with anyone who takes the time to read my words.  I love the show and have seen every episode at least once.  Recently, I’ve had a great excuse to re-watch them more and more just to talk about decorations, characters and buildings that have been added to TSTO.

Watching every episode, I can’t help but notice that the available content for TSTO is enormous!  Any watcher could rattle off at least one thing they think should have been added to the game already.  I’m actually mildly jealous of the folks who get to do this for EA.  Anywho, with the holiday update, a lot of content got added to the game.  Much of it is from Christmas episodes and some is from classic episodes.  Looking at all the new stuff, I picture a boardroom full of nerds like myself pitching their ideas.  I know there was at least one lazy guy who mentioned the totem pole which was designed eons ago, definitely one weasel with a flair for consumerism (and getting folks to spend donuts) and probably a dude who has gambled a little too much online.  In addition, one of them definitely loved the 500th Simpsons episode aka Season 23, Episode 14: “At Long Last”.

EA did their utmost to give us a ton of new stuff in the holiday update and for a Simpsons nerd like me, I couldn’t be happier.  One of my favorite things is that besides all the stuff from episodes, we may have actually got some original content!  What might be unique?  Two things, The Egg Nog Bar and Santa Flanders.

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