Weekend Update: December 8th-14th

Phew, what a week we have had. You all having fun yet? Glitchin still? Well I have been ALL over the U.S. this week. East coast to West coast. Ran into a bunch of fellow Addicts. You all are a bunch of nut cases just like me, and I LOVE IT!!!


No worries, I AM an Addict through and through, so I WAS playing and keeping an eye on you guys all along the way. I enjoy it THAT much. Just no more peanuts or pretzels please. You’d think they’d at least have a carrot or 3 aboard.  🙂

TSTO on airplane

So let us get to what you all came here for…FREE STUFF!!! Wait, no…that’s not it. Recap time. Did you read all these? Did you just skim by? Are you completely lost? Here we go…

SUNDAY:  I believe Wookiee channeled a lil…well…Bunny cray cray so to speak and went off the farm in his TSTO Fiction piece. It is quite amusing to read. You should take a look at it.

MONDAY: Wookiee gave us a great recap on the new Simpsons TV Episode “Yellow Subterfuge”.

Bunny tried to confuse and tease the heck out of you all in the ramblings of Bunny’s Blurb. (Is is weird to you too I am talking about myself in the 3rd person?)

Alissa then jumped on in to remind everyone to grab those limited items BEFORE the snow hit. Did you?

TUESDAY: Alissa showed us another great pic submission for “Caption This”. Keep them coming. I love this stuff. Makes me giggle.

Bunny hopped on in to add to the madness by giving you all a lil taste of what was about to hit with the new Holiday Event. Such a spoil sport.

BAM UPDATE!!! We all rushed to our devices because we couldn’t download it fast enough. 🙂 The Addicts Team notified you right away while Alissa continually kept you up to date on the constant updates. She then brought you more information on the main items we will be collecting throughout the event. Lastly, but certainly not least…she gave you the Turbo Tappin version of the main walkthrough for the event.

Bunny then brought you the break down on the Elf Home and what on earth those Golden Coins were for.

WEDNESDAY:  Wookiee gave us an inside look at our new Springfield and all the cool changes to items we already had around town. Take a look, you may have not even realized. 

THURSDAY: Under the promise of a carrot cake (which still hasn’t been received) Bunny FINALLY gave you all a Gift Card Calendar to keep track of where you were in the prize collection for the event (blame the plane and its sketchy WiFi for the delay).

Wondering where some items came from, well Wookiee gave us the low down on the Grumple and Candy Kevin “Where Did THAT Come From”.

Alissa broke down the 3 G’s of goodies upcoming. Want a sneak peak? Take a look. She then brought us more info on the first two personal prizes we will get as we collect gift cards.

FRIDAY: Bunny hopping planes across the country decided to storm the EA castles and see if she could help out the major glitch going on.

Then what do you know? … Alissa brought you the breaking news that an update from EA had indeed hit and was correcting that glitch. WOOHOO! She then clarified some information and visuals on those sparkly Christmas lights you were all looking for.

SATURDAY: Phew…there’s more??!! Stay tuned. 🙂

A few quick items…

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Now for something completely different…let us just get one thing straight (because I am sure you are all just dying to know this…NOT. Lol.) I am NOT a man, a dude, a guy…nope. Sorry to disappoint you all. I am sure you were just hoping I was. 😛

Here is crazy me, sans straight jacket, and out of the basement…in yet another airport…running from the TSA…harassing travelers (yes I have a Bunny hat on…selfies are fun don’t you know?) Did I run into you at the airport? Run you over?


THERE! HAPPY NOW??!! The Bunny has been outed. Be afraid. Be very afraid. 😛

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  1. I guess so but I can’t think of any man under 90 who would call themselves Bunny. No offence!

  2. People think you are a man? I don’t believe it.

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