WDTCF- Happy Little Elves

Boy, our Springfield is stuffed full of ALL sorts of odd animals and creatures, huh? We have Dolphins, puking frog thing, zombie pets, and then some.

Ever since I started this game, there is one thing I just couldn’t understand that HADN’T been put in the game yet. I mean it was the entire reason Homer allowed the plant to blow up in the first place. IT STARTED IT ALL!!

What the heck is Bunny rambling on about? The Happy Little Elves of course! Homer was so addicted to the game, he forgot to do his actual job and blew up Springfield. Sound familiar to any of you? Are YOU on your game or this blog right now at work? Yup, thought so. 😛

Happy lil elves

So where on earth did these cute lil innocent creatures originate from BEFORE the game?

Well, the Happy Little Elves appeared where The Simpsons originally did. They were first seen in a lil Simpsons short during The Tracy Ullman Show. It was called “Grandpa & the Kids.”  They are part of a fictional kids program and resemble some familiar lil blue characters. (Think of the Saturday Morning cartoons you watched.)

Vanity Smurf

Like most older cartoons and the Simpsons, they were not so pleasant to look at in the beginning. Roughly drawn. As for the Simpson kids, Bart HATES them. Calls them “the crappy little elves”.

Now these cute lil Elves do actually have names. Didn’t know that did you? They are quite silly as you might expect. Moldy, Bubbles, Yendor, Doofy, Cheery, Brainy, Chilly, Gloomy, Smiley, Giggly, and Happy. If I had to guess, I would say the ones in our game are doubles of Bubbles and Cheery (2 of each).


As for what Simpsons TV Episodes they appeared in, well let’s take a look…

Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire aka The Simpsons Christmas Special: Season 1, Episode 1
While Homer is away “caroling” with Bart, the rest of the family (Patty & Selma too) are home watching the Happy Little Elves. It is where you can first see Bubbles.

Happy Elves 1

There’s No Disgrace Like Home: Season 1, Episode 4
While at the Company Picnic at Mr. Burns house, Marge drops of Maggie at the “daycare” inside with the other kids. Not wanting to leave all the kids unsupervised, they turn on the Happy Little Elves.

Happy Elves 2

Some Enchanted Evening: Season 1, Episode 13
Marge calls in to a local talk show to complain how bad of a husband Homer is. Trying to rekindle the romance, they spend an evening together. They leave the 3 kids with a sitter with instructions to allow them to watch “Happy Little Elves Meet the Curious Bear Cub”. Bart is not pleased.

Happy Elves 3

Hello Gutter, Hello Fadder: Season 11, Episode 6
After an “accident” at the plant with Lenny, Homer is unable to make it home to the Tea Party he promised to Maggie. (He is really bowling the perfect game.) You can see the Happy Little Elves on Maggie’s wall while she is sitting at the table waiting for tea.

Happy Elves 11

Moe Baby Blues: Season 14, Episode 22
Moe had been ignored by the entire town for the last time. Down n depressed he was about to jump off a bridge. At the same time, Homer had just hit into the bumper of a car and Maggie (with a Krap E Belt system) was launched out the window of the car and heading to the river below. Moe caught her just in time. They became best friends. He started babysitting her all the time. In a few scenes, Moe is playing with Maggie and you can see the Happy Little Elves on the wall in her room again. Also, and individual one of Cheery.

Happy Elves 4

Alone in his apartment, Moe even starts watching the Happy Little Elves as he is missing Maggie.

Happy Elves 5

Dial “N” for Nerder: Season 19, Episode 14
Bart, Lisa, and Martin were looking for arrow heads. Bart wanted to play a prank on him by burying Sideshow Mel’s hair bone in the dirt and claiming it was a find. While trying to unbury the bone, Bart pulled the string attached. It hit Martin and made him fall over the barrier to a ledge off the nearby cliff. Lisa tried to help him but ended up pushing him off the ledge and to the deep ravine below. Bart freaked out, rode his bike home, and turned on the TV to drown out what happened. Happy Little Elves were on.

Happy Elves 6

Lisa Simpson, This Isn’t Your Life: Season 22, Episode 5
Krusty and his sponsors Texxon have a giveaway ongoing for the Happy Little Elves.

Happy Elves 7

This makes lil Maggie VERY happy.  Maggie wants “Baby Must Have”. It’s missing from her collection.

So Homer drives far out of town to find a Texxon to get the Baby Elf toy. He soon realizes it is not so easy to get the Baby Elf. You have to pick a box and hope its the right one. They spent many hours there filling tank after tank, running it out, and filling it again and again. Still, no Baby Elf.

(During a scene you can also see a pic of them above Lisa’s bed.) In the end, Maggie some how got the Baby Elf.

Most of the spots are just a few seconds here and there, so just like other items in the game…even the shortest glimpse of an item can still play a major role on our game.



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  1. just had a rather strange glitch I gave 83 gift bags to my neighbors then upon returning to my town i had 83 gift bags again so i went to my neighbors and it still shows that i gave them bags. seems like i got 83 gift bags out of nowhere

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