Tick Tock Tick Tock Time Is Running Off The Clock

Do you know what time it is? Well I hope if you were wanting to take advantage of Ol’ Gils Christmas Donut Deal, that you are going to be doing it REALLY soon.


As of EA’s clock…6AM PST on 12/31/2013, Gil’s Deal will be ended. It is not often at all that the precious donuts are offered at such discounts. So for those of you procrastinating, I would suggest go and get that boatload NOW!!!

You have just over 12hrs left from now to make that decision. Mmmmmmm donuts.





12 responses to “Tick Tock Tick Tock Time Is Running Off The Clock

  1. I bit the bullet for $40 amazon coins which was $50 in game currency & receiving 900 donuts + Gil’s deal (200 free donuts) for $40 in amazon coins. *woot-woot* Happy New Year!

  2. Is that what the patch I received this morning is for? Removing Gil’s deal?

  3. Well, they didn’t fix my problem in time, so I didn’t buy any more donuts. I did get a response though! Want to see it? Do ya??
    Here goes…

    Bästa Sarah,
    Tack för att du kontaktar oss angående ditt ärendenummer 11053748.
    Ditt fall har eskalerats vidare till ett av våra specialiserade team.
    Observera att problem som det du stött på kan ta lite tid att lösa, så för tillfället kan vi inte ge dig en fast tidsram.

    Med hjälp av vårt specialistteam, hoppas vi att få denna fråga löst för dig så fort som möjligt. Vi ber om ert fortsatta tålamod medan vi gör allt för att åtgärda detta problem åt dig, och vi ber om ursäkt för eventuella besvär. Vi kommer att ta kontakt med dig igen när vi har information att uppdatera dig med.

    Med vänliga hälsningar,
    Andreas L.
    EA:s kundsupport

    Yep, that’s the response, copied and pasted…
    No I am not Swedish, I sent my communication in English to the English help site. I’m rather lost for words… I did translate it, yay Google translate, and it’s the same canned response I expected.
    I find myself giggling, but not funny haha… more of a lunatic thing.
    It’s become like a bad comedy now. Pretty sure those men in the clean white coats are coming…

  4. So, any signs of an EA recognition of Jesus’ Brit Milah?

    Whoops! Sorry, New Years?

  5. Well I have purchased the veritable boatload of doughnuts and will see how long they last. 😀

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