WDTCF- Mr. Costington & His Store

Now a days, every town has to have that MAJOR high end mall type store. The one that is full of anything and everything you need. And if you don’t think you need it, they will make sure you leave thinking you did. Lol.

The store is very reminiscent of the Macy’s & Gimble’s type places from “Miracle on 34th Street”. It is located in Downtown Springfield, Hosts the towns Thanksgiving Day Parades, and has many familiar employees…like Gil and the Yes Guy. The owner, well you never know what to quite make of him. At one moment he seems so kind, at others…a very grumpy old man.

So what store is this? Who is the owner? Well, the title should have given you a clue. It is Costington’s. So without further ado, I will break down the origin of Costington’s, Mr. Costington, and just where they came from in the Simpsons TV World.


Trash of the Titans: Season 9, Episode 22
This episode starts off right into Costington’s. Mr. Costington does’t like the lull in sales he is seeing during the summer, so he invents a Holiday to suck more sales and money out of the public. LOVE DAY!

Costingtons 1

Costingtons 2

Homer to the Max: Season 10, Episode 13
After a cool cop character, named Homer Simpson, on a new TV show is changed into a bumbling idiot…Homer tries to sue them for improper use of his name. The case is awarded to the TV show. So Homer does the next best thing, changes his name to Max Power. You see him at Costington’s trying to get the entire name monogrammed on a shirt.

Costingtons 3

Homer vs. Dignity: Season 12, Episode 5
Homer needing money does mean and cruel tasks to humor Mr. Burns for lots of cash in return. He ends up feeling the guilt of his ways and goes to Costington’s to buy toys for the needy kids with his “guilt money”. Mr. Costington is overjoyed by Homer’s generosity and ends up making Homer the Santa in his Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Costingtons 4

Poppa’s Got a Brand New Badge: Season 13, Episode 22

During a blackout, Lenny and Carl are on the phone with each other complaining about all the street lights out. They are telling each other about an oncoming car heading right towards them. It is THEM. They swerve, hit, and crash right through the front store windows of Costington’s. No alarms go off, so the looting begins.

Costingtons 6

Milhouse Doesn’t Live Here Anymore: Season 15, Episode 12

Homer wants to do more to make Marge happy. He realizes by acting crazy and down on his luck that he can earn a lot of money panhandling from people feeling sorry for him. After a long day of “cray cray”, he stumbles into Costington’s to buy Marge some jewelry.

Costingtons 8

The Wandering Juvie: Season 15, Episode 16
The episode opens to Costington’s store. “Downtown’s last gasp of class”. Though…a stumbling drunk makes it say something just a SLIGHT bit different. Lol. The Simpsons are going shopping there. (Can they afford it?) Lisa wanders into the “Little Hooker Line.” Marge is being pushed to buy beauty products. You also see Skinner and Edna arguing over whether or not they need china for the wedding. Bart of course is up to no good, selecting gifts for his “Wedding Registry” to Lotta Cooties.

Costingtons 9

Costingtons 10

Future-Drama: Season 16, Episode 15
Bart and Lisa stumble into Frink’s while fighting. He brings them back to his device that shows the future. Their future. Bart’s girlfriend just dumped him after he proposed to her. Lisa, well, she dumped a pumped up (and probably juiced up) Milhouse. He didn’t take it so well and literally trashes the window at Costington’s a la Hulk style. (FYI, Futurama’s Bender does make a quick appearance as well in this episode.)

Costingtons 11

Kill Gil Vols 1 & 2: Season 18, Episode 9

It’s Christmastime in Springfield and the family is seeing “Santa” at Costington’s. (Santa is really Ol’ Gil.) Gil knows that there is a Malibu Stacy set in the backroom that Lisa desperately wants. He goes and gets it for her. Not aware that Mr. Costington had set it aside for HIS daughter, this results in Gil getting fired.

Costingtons 13

The Boys of Bummer: Season 18, Episode 18

After Bart and the Isotots win the ball game, we find Marge at Costington’s. She wants a dress to wear to Bart’s next big game. Homer, not wanting to just stand around while the wife shops, finds himself a nice comfy bed…to fall asleep on. Mr. Costington sees him and startles him awake. Homer ends up promoting the bed so well, he instantly sells 5 and Mr. Costington makes him an immediate employee.

Costingtons 15

Costingtons 16

Crook and Ladder: Season 18, Episode 19
Homer, Moe, Apu, and Skinner volunteer to be fireman after Homer injured the real ones while hopped up on Nappien. One of the fires they put out just happen to be at Costington’s. Mr. Costington jumps out of the window and down to safety (with his cigar still smoking in his mouth). Due to all of the firemen being volunteers, they try to find other ways of getting “payment” for their service. Like making items “parish in the flames.”


Costingtons 18

Loan-a Lisa: Season 22, Episode 2
After visiting Grampa Simpson, the family ventures into Costington’s to spend their $50 “inheritance” that Grampa gave them. Marge ends up giving into peer pressure and purchasing a $500 designer handbag she thought was only $50.

Costingtons 19

So there you are. A few places and times you will see Mr. Costington and his store in the Simpson TV series. Did you have a favorite moment? Think the old man is bonkers? Let me know your opinion in the comments below.


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