Turbo Tappin’ Holidays 2013: Wheel Prize-Mr. Plow

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s been snowing here a lot lately, so say I’m on a bit of a Snow Plow kick…earlier today I brought you the Plow King Turbo Tappin’ Guide.  Another prize you can win on Krusty’s Wheel is Mr. Plow, the Plow King’s arch nemesis…well maybe not that bad (more on this later).

Mr. Plow was originally released as a limited-time skin back in January of 2013 that you could purchase (for 90 donuts!) for our old pal Homer J Simpson.  For those who didn’t shell out the dough-nuts (see what I did there?) for him or for those Android users who didn’t have the game yet, you’re in luck because Mr. Plow is back!  And part of Krusty’s Wheel of just land on anything but cash!  Once unlocked a 7 part questline should auto-start for Homer (in the Mr. Plow skin).  If it doesn’t auto-start check to see if Homer is on another task, and that he’s in his Mr. Plow skin.  If he’s not Mr. Plow, tap on Homer and toggle to Mr. Plow.  If he IS Mr. Plow but the quest still doesn’t start, try hard closing the app and restarting.  That should (hopefully) “kick-start” the quest.

So let’s plow on through…..Here’s your Turbo Tappin’ Mr. Plow Walkthrough:

Mr. Plow Pt. 1
Mr. Plow starts

Make Mr. Plow Attempt to Melt Snow-24hrs

Mr. Plow Pt. 2
Mr. Plow starts

Make Mr. Plow Break into the Brown House to Watch his Commercial– 1hr

Mr. Plow Pt. 3
Mr. Plow Starts

Make Mr. Plow Clear Snow– 8hrs

Mr. Plow Pt. 4
Mr. Plow Starts

Make Mr. Plow Clear Snow Again– 8hrs

Mr. Plow Pt. 5
Mr. Plow Starts

Make Mr. Plow Eat the Key to the City– 4hrs

Mr. Plow Pt. 6
Mr. Plow Starts

Reach Level 14 and Build the First Church of Springfield
Make Mr. Plow Attend Church-

Mr. Plow Pt. 7
Mr. Plow Starts

Make Mr. Plow Wear Jacket to Bed– 12hrs

And with that the Mr. Plow quest-line is complete!   In my opinion a much better quest-line than the Plow King’s…at least Mr. Plow talks to other people.  Now go on and celebrate by singing the Mr. Plow jingle…I know you wanna!

Call Mr. Plow,
That’s my name,
That name again
Is Mr. Plow”

Now that’ll be stuck in your head all night…you’re welcome Tappers!   

8 responses to “Turbo Tappin’ Holidays 2013: Wheel Prize-Mr. Plow

  1. Do you know what kind of ratio the prizes are on? All I ever get is cash. I can spin four or five times in a day and still – cash. Three wedges on my wheel are just cash and I always land on them. My sister doesn’t even have cash, she has prizes or extra gift cards as options. Any clues as to why I keep getting screwed over?

    • http://www.flickr.com/photos/98541165@N05/11486058835/

      This is what my wheel looked like before I ever spun it. The two cash spots would be house skins for folks that don’t have any. There are two snowpeople spots as well. In the Plow King SPot, Mr. Plow shows first for people that don’t have him and then switches to the Plow King once you win it. Once a space has no more prizes left on it, it switches to cash or gift cards. Hope that helps.

      • That’s what mine looked like too. Now it’s three cash spots. Do you have any hints on how to not land on them 99% of the time?

        • I wish I had a full proof trick. What I have done is find a spot 3 above the prize I want to start at. The give the wheel a very light flick counter-clockwise. It seemed to work but honestly is probably just my imagination.

  2. I would just like to point out that at least this gets a quest line. Purchasing Santa’s Village not only is there no quest line, BUT none of the tasks pay out in gift cards. Unless you are a completist, I say PASS. What a waste of 200 doughnuts.

  3. Mine started but Homer has been busy with my Christmas quests. Good to know though, hoping I can start him on his Mr. Plow quest’s soon. 🙂

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