Turbo Tappin’ Christmas 2013: Santa Flanders

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers,

Well it’s the Friday before Christmas, are you getting excited for Santa yet?!  Let’s break into the holiday spirit and prep ourselves for Santa’s arrival with a Turbo Tappin’ Walkthrough of Santa Flanders!

Santa Flanders is a Personal Prize that unlocks at the 22,000 Gift Cards Collected.  You can check out details of unlocking him on this post here.  Once you unlock Santa Flanders a 5 part quest should auto-start for Flanders (in the Santa Flanders costume).   If it doesn’t auto-start check to see if Flanders is on another task, and that he’s in his Santa skin.  If he’s not Santa, tap on Flanders and toggle to Santa.  If he IS Santa but the quest still doesn’t start, try hard closing the app and restarting.  That should (hopefully) “kick-start” the quest.

So let’s jump into the Christmas spirit….here’s your Turbo Tappin’ Santa Flanders Walkthrough
Santa FlandersFlanders’ Dual-Colored Dreamcoat Pt. 1
Santa Flanders starts

Reach Level 9 and Build Springfield Elementary
Make Santa Flanders Get Slightly Too Religious As Santa– 8hrs

Flanders’ Dual-Colored Dreamcoat Pt. 2
Santa Flanders Starts

Reach Level 14 and Build First Church of Springfield
Make Santa Flanders Deliver a Too-Religious Sermon-1hr

Flanders’ Dual-Colored Dreamcoat Pt. 3
Santa Flanders Starts

Make Santa Flanders Go-A-Carollin– 12hrs

Flanders’ Dual-Colored Dreamcoat Pt. 4
Santa Flanders Starts

Make Santa Flanders Deliver Presents Door-to-Door– 4hrs

Flanders’ Dual-Colored Dreamcoat Pt. 5
Santa Flanders Starts

Make Santa Flanders Celebrate the Holidays– 24hrs

And with that Santa Flanders do-good-deeding is complete…or is it?

Have you unlocked Santa Flanders yet?  How are you doing in your gift card totals?  Staying on track with Bunny’s Calendar?

Pssst….Curious about where Santa Flanders came from?  Check out Wookiee’s WDTCF post here

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