Turbo Tappin’ Christmas 2013: Wheel Prize-Plow King

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Are you having fun with the Krusty Non-Denominatioal Wheel yet?  Getting frustrated because you keep landing on cash?  I know I am!  But hey that’s what gambling is all about…and if I was in Vegas right now I’d be pretty stoked to land on $1,000!  At least I’ll keep telling myself that….

Anywho…let’s take a look at one of the non-cash prizes you can win on Krusty’s Wheel of misery fun, the Plow King!  This is a costume for our premium belching friend Barney.  Of course Barney unlocks when you purchase the Bowl-A-Rama for a whopping 250 donuts!  (Yikes!)

If you have Barney the Plow King Skin should unlock automatically (if not just tap on Barney and toggle over to him) and if you haven’t purchased our friend don’t worry the skin will stay in your inventory should you eventually make the purchase!  Once unlocked a 5 part mini quest will start where Barney does what any good drunk would do….and talks to himself.  Seriously every line of dialogue is Barney talking to himself….I wonder if he’s been “cheating” on Moe and drinking the “good stuff” at the Egg Nog Bar.

Anyway let’s get to the point of this post already….geez

Here’s your Turbo Tappin’ Plow King Walkthrough:

charactersets_barney_plowkingThe Once and Future King Pt. 1
Barney starts

Make Plow King Print Off Flyers-1hr (Earns $170, 27xp)

The Once and Future King Pt. 2
Barney starts

Reach Level 23 and Build Channel 6
Make Plow King Record a Mr. Plow Attack Ad– 8hrs (Earns $375, 80xp)

The Once and Future King Pt. 3
Barney starts

Make Plow King Print Anti-Mr. Plow Lies– 12hrs (Earns $520, 110xp)

The Once and Future King Pt. 4
Barney starts

Make Plow King Frame Mr. Plow– 12hrs (Earns $520, 110xp)

The Once and Future King Pt. 5
Barney Starts

Make Plow King Drink to Success– 24hrs (Earns $700, 160xp)

And with that the Plow King questline is complete!  Now go have a glass of Egg Nog on the King!

18 responses to “Turbo Tappin’ Christmas 2013: Wheel Prize-Plow King

  1. I’ve had this skin like forever but haven’t been able to use it since I haven’t had Barney. A while ago I finally could afford the Bowlarama and I bought it immediately because I think Barney is a “must have” character. After I played through his quests I activated the Plow King skin but I did not get the quests associated with the skin. I’m thinking that either it has to be winter in Springfield or they removed the quests. I am hoping for the first but I am afraid it is the last 🙁

    • Nope, winter in Springfield did not help. Still no quests for Plow King. It seems that they have removed that questline from the game.

      • Same situation here. I got Barney through that great space offer, but using the Plow King costume in my inventory doesn’t start any quest. Storing him temporarily didn’t help 🙁

  2. Yahoo, I got Barney on the Christmas spin!!!! He is stuck in my inventory. As I don’t use ‘Real’ money, how am I ment to get his Bowlarama???

    • Unfortunately, the only way to currently get Barney in your game is to purchase him via donuts. However, there are lots of ways you can earn free donuts in TSTO and the Plow King skin will remain in your inventory in the event that you do end up getting Barney in your game. 🙂

  3. I got that but I don’t have Barney so it won’t do me any good now.

  4. I’m just about to 26,000 gift cards. Are there any jobs around the Plow King’s Plow, or is it just a decoration?

  5. I got 250 gift cards on the wheel today D:

    • Nice! Haven’t hit that one yet but good to know there’s reasonable winnings besides the awesome decorations and skins.

      • Actually, I wasn’t ecstatic about it, because I still don’t have a lot of the christmas lights. But tomorrow’s another day, and with it comes another coin!

      • I’ve won all the prizes already it’s nice to have either 1000 money or 50 , 150 or250 gift cards but I think at least one spot should have donuts otherwise it’s not really worth collecting 1000 gift cards justto get 1000 mmoney

        • As the wheel is all luck, it’s anyone’s game. There are a lot of players still trying to hit all the prizes. As someone who has hit 1K in game currency way too many times, I feel the pain and also wish there was a donut option, but I kinda feel I’d miss that mark too lol..

  6. Yep, he is wearing it already. Also tried to put him back into the inventory, doesn’t help a bit. Hmmm, seems that he doesn’t like me

  7. Is there anything to take care of? I got Barney and the Plow King costume but there is no quest available…

    • It should auto-start for you, check to see if Barney is in the Plow King skin. If not switch to it. If he is try hard closing the game and restarting it. Sometimes that “kick-starts” the quest. 🙂

    • Make sure you have activated the Plow King skin from your inventory. That should prompt the questline.

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