Donuts, Donuts, Donuts….mmmm Donuts

You may be asking ‘What are donuts?’…well they’re sprinkly, frosted, round, fried deliciousness mmm donuts. Oh wait I’m sure you knew that already, you probably want to know what they are in the game.

Well, donuts are the premium currency for TSTO. Using donuts will unlock a whole different way to play the game and they can be used to speed up tasks and purchase premium content. And unlike real life you can have all the donuts you want without worry about your waist size Wink

Question about donuts?  Just ask below Smile


2 responses to “Donuts, Donuts, Donuts….mmmm Donuts

  1. I know you posted about this last week but I can’t find it, There’s a page (somewhere) for tapping Homer 10 times at the Stonecutter’s table or something while his task is displayed to unlock 10 free donuts. Can you please post a link to that page? I have tried finding it but no luck. Thank you.


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