Oh Homer, Where Art Thou… PART DEUX





Yes I know these are glitch pics before the game kicks you off but I like to think of them as Homie reaching out from the other side.  Are you there Homer?????


Hey hidey ho Addicterinos…

By now every one is probably well aware that a few Tapperinos are having major glitches with Homer and/or Lisa.

Homer has been MIA in my town since 2 October and considering all the tasks he is needed for this Wookiee should be pretty frustrated.  Instead, as one of the lucky few who started this game a year ago during Halloween, I’ve decided to take a glass half full approach and enjoy the heck out of FINALLY having Witch Marge and permanent zombies in my town!  Plus some gremlins and ghosts and goo… oh my!

Add to that the fact that Homer wasn’t needed for the Strongman costume to unlock and you have one very happy furry giant.  (This was honestly one of my biggest fears with Homer being adrift)

Bunny posted some great info about addressing this glitch with EA and I took advantage of it today as even my patience is wearing thin.  (ARM RIPPING ALERT! … not to be confused with The Fat in the Hat Amber Alert lol).  I downloaded origin on my computer and hit the CALL ME option and put in my details.

No kidding… no sooner had I hit send then about 20 seconds later my phone rang with an 866 number.  I ended up having an amazing conversation with an awesome gentleman name Luke calling from EA’s call center in Ireland (he wanted me to make sure I pointed out that he is an Englishman working in Ireland).  Besides my shock at getting a call so fast and enjoying hearing an awesome accent (I know, I know, to him, I’m the one with the accent.  Who knew EA’s members spoke Wookiee!), he was sooooo nice and helpful.

Here’s the skinny… EA is well aware of the missing character glitch and working on it as I type.  They hope to have a fix as soon as possible.  I suggested having the option of storing The Simpsons house but was informed this wasn’t possible as it needs to be in the game for code reasons (or at least that’s my understanding).  For now, if you are effected like me and Homer or Lisa is adrift at sea AKA The Shadowlands, here’s some advice from Boo Dabble:

Boo Dabble

On a side note, I thought it was amazing that Luke was a player of TSTO and we both agreed that we were happy Witch Marge came back this Halloween.  He was a real cool dude and I probably stayed on the phone talking to him longer than was absolutely necessary for my problem.  My favorite part of the convo was that he was well aware of this site and had seen it linked on Subreddit.  He said he was gonna check out this site later (put in a hard plug for Bunny’s raven post which I am in love with.  Hopefully we got a new fan and I made sure to tell him (and ask permission for) that I’d be mentioning him here so he could brag that he was “blog famous”.

Hopefully when all of our Homers come back… it’s not another debacle like this….


Well Tappers…  my furry fingers are crossed for a fix soon but after all of EA’s help, I am satiated and all the arms are safe…


As an added bonus, I asked Luke about the group prizes and his belief is that we will get the Church of Lard Lad and EA will set a new goal after that.  He seemed pretty confident we will all get the prizes offered although his department is not connected to game development.



12 responses to “Oh Homer, Where Art Thou… PART DEUX

  1. They are hiding from Marge eating donuts & drinking Duff! 🙂

  2. Oh boy, do I feel sheeeeepish…Baaaaah! Thanks Alissa! I KNEW that but totally spaced it right out to where Pluto used to be!! Hanging my head…but at least Bart is home! Now to wait for Homie, leaving the light on. Thanks again!!!

  3. Homer is stuck under the grass, Bart is too (2 days later) then Nelson was way high up in the mountains. I barely got a piece of toe to tap to release him, went to Krustyland & came back to get him back on the road after a day. Whew! Been in contact with EA and the said they were sending my case to a Senior person & to be patient. The waiting continues…(insert Marge’s hmmmmmmmm grumble here)

  4. I’ve been missing Marge since like 4 days ago and I need her for a quest 🙁

  5. Off topic – your 2D of the creature from the black lake – that’s translated from the title I remember in French – is absolutely awesome. That’s a monster that could definitely feature in our towns. Top dollar

  6. librarychic1 & catsndog777

    Thank you very much for this update. I was tempted to call them again but decided that might hurt my open case of Lisa being lost at sea. So instead I went to my open case on my EA account and simply updated them with new info I acquired after our phone conversation.
    On the phone with my EA TSTO specialist, he could not get a screenshot of Lisa in peril, either. So I made an iPhone video of my iPhone and grabbed that frame (you have it up on your site ) and sent it as an note to my case.

    If you have acquired some additional info about your MIA since your original report, you can go to EA > Help > My Cases and a list of your open cases will be highlighted in blue & hyper-link to that case. Then you can add a note. I added the two screen shots and the two videos of the issue via my Dropbox link to help figure this out.

    Thanks for all the help!

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