The Turkey is Stuffed, Santa’s Coming!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a reminder to you all…it looks like the Thanksgiving update is set to end sometime tomorrow (12/3/13)!  Could this mean Christmas will be arriving to TSTO?  Who knows what EA has up their sleeves, but what we can tell you is once the Thanksgiving event is over…it’s over.  That means all of those limited-time decorations, buildings and characters will *poof* disappear!


If there’s something you’ve had your eye on be sure to buy it now before it’s gone.  Also, if you haven’t already done so, make sure you finish up the Thanksgiving Main Quest (Turbo Tappin’ Guide can be found here) because if you haven’t received your free Turkey character before the event is over you won’t get the chance again!  (Note: The premium quest that comes with the Indian Casino does not have to be completed before the event is over.  Once you purchase the Pow Wow Casino the building, character & questline are yours forever.  So you can work on that at your own pace, as long as you purchase it before the event is over)

Not sure what to buy?  Not sure which items are considered limited-time?  Check out our Thanksgiving Event page for all of the details, including pros and cons on spending donuts on those limited-time premium items!

So now that Thanksgiving is over (or soon to be), let’s talk Christmas and the Christmas Event!
We haven’t gotten a clear indication for Christmas as we did for Halloween, after all they told us exactly when the Halloween update would drop, but if all indications are correct it should hit sometime tomorrow, December 3rd.  So what can you do to be prepared and stay on top of the update news?

Well, as always the Addicts team will have you covered.  Once Thanksgiving has officially left Springfield, our little Turkey quick link on the side bar will be replaced with a Christmas quick link.  That will take you directly to our 2013 Christmas Event Page, where you can find complete coverage of everything EA has in store for us!

In addition to checking and the Christmas Event Page, here are a few things you can do to make sure you’re ready for the event once it hits.
-Make sure your characters aren’t on 24 hour tasks, in particularly Homer and Lisa (since they tend to be the ones to kick off events like this)
-Check the app store. Major events like Halloween and Christmas tend to be app store updates, where you’ll have to download the newest update direct from the store.
-Do you have enough in game cash and donuts?  Remember, Christmas will be another event just like Halloween.  I’m sure there will be a bunch of limited-time content for game cash and donuts and you’ll want to get your hands on everything!
-Check your friends and neighbors.  Usually events like Christmas and Halloween tend to be social events, where you’ll need as many friends as you can to collect extra “currency” to help purchase new items.  (like GOO at Halloween).  Check out our Add Neighboreenos Page to find thousands of other Tappers looking for friends, and be sure to add your name too!  You’ll also want to make sure your current neighboreeno list is “cleaned up”.  Meaning you’ll want to get rid of the “dead weight” and inactive neighbors, they won’t be much help if they aren’t playing!  Check out these posts about the Origin Desktop App and how to get rid of lazy neighboreenos.  Unsure if someone is worth deleting?  Check out this post about determining if your friend should stay or go.

Looking for more tips on how to prep your town for Christmas?  Check out this great post Bunny wrote before Halloween.  All of the same tips and tricks apply for Christmas!  

Remember sure to keep checking for all of the latest and greatest info about Christmas in Springfield, as always we’ll navigate you through the twists, turns & surprises EA has in store for Christmas 2013!

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18 responses to “The Turkey is Stuffed, Santa’s Coming!

  1. So, I bought the Casino literally right before the update ending T-Day. The questline associated doesn’t pop up at all. Do I need to have any specific characters free at the time? Or am I screwed because I didn’t start it during the T-Day event?

    • No it should still start for you. Have you unlocked the Chief character? He’s the one who kicks it off, if you’ve unlocked him you should see the ! over his head. If not try storing the Casino in your inventory and placing it again. That may trigger it to appear. It does not auto-start though, you do have to tap on the Chief. Hope that helps! 🙂

  2. I just got an in-game update…

  3. Didn’t they hint about Xmas last year on the STO Facebook page? (If I said The TSTO Facebook page, it would be the The SImpson’s…) It still shows the Black Friday deal. And last year didn’t it start on the 5th?

    • I’m not sure on the Facebook page part, but I do know last year’s Christmas update dropped on December 3rd. I think this delay is just another one of EA’s tricks to throw us all off of the trail. Hopefully it will be Christmas soon though, i’m ready for some lights! 🙂

  4. But the Mayflower is here to stay…right? I’ve gotten every decoration but that, so I don’t want to miss out, but since they removed the limited time from underneath it, I figured I had time to buy, that it was a perm addition. I don’t have enough ocean to get it now, unless I have to hurry and buy it because it will be gone…then I’ll buy all the ocean I need. But I digress, so my main question:
    So do I need to hurry and buy the Mayflower?

    • I wish I could guarantee it’ll be around but no one will know until Thanksgiving is done. If you have the means and would regret not having it, I would say pull the trigger now.

    • It’s the only one of the new decorations that doesn’t say “limited-time” and is listed separately in the premium section. That leads us to believe that it’s not limited-time and will be around after the update leaves.

  5. I have 115 donuts. trying to figure out which is a better buy: premium bldgs that give a % of cash & XP to every task that I do at a minimum of every 60 minutes, or a character who gets cash and XP but perhaps only a few times a day.

    example: do I get a decoration that gives me 3% or do I get Otto who gives me cash and XP every few hours??

    • Honestly…With the new xmas event about to drop…wait. See what EA has in store as far as limited time items. Limited items are only available a short time. Unless you want turkey day limited items. Right now, I find the grumble balloon the best investment in the limited stuff.

    • well think of it this way. if you buy a decoration with a 3% increase on cash and xp from all jobs, that means absolutely every one of your characters gets the increase. far more lucrative than just otto’s premium rates. grumple balloon is the best!

      and I agree with bunny. best to wait and see what happens in the next day.

      *ignore previous post, I don’t know what I’m doing!!!

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