Random Fuzzy Thoughts on the New Tie-In

Hey there party people!

So… as most of you know, today EA surprised all of us with an episode tie-in update.  While most have us had thrown snow-chains on our dead Springfield vehicles and gotten our decorations up for passer-bys, instead, we got something completely different.  Let’s all be honest.  Every one’s been waiting for snow and Christmas and instead gotten socks and regular weather, right?

This got me thinking (I know, dangerous territory)… EA is pretty sneaky.  Once upon a time, we all knew way in advance what Mom and Dad had bought for us in the store and the weather was way more predictable.  Turns out the proverbial parents and weatherman just don’t like that archaic formula.  The truth is, I couldn’t be more thrilled.

I love surprises and anticipation.  Knowing things in advance is so 2012 lol.  One of the things I loved when I first started playing was the cool episode tie-ins.  As an avid lover of the Best. Show. Ever, getting a sneak peak at future episodes is almost as good as Christmas to me.  Almost.

Last year’s tie-ins brought us really rad decorations, characters and skins.  A lot of these never returned and now mark people’s towns as “having been there”.  Can you say Cool Brown House or Respectable Moe anyone?

cool brown house & respectable moe

The tie-ins this year will be no different.  Both of the new items this year are massive.  The USS Tom Clancy (darn it EA, now I gotta watch the Hunt for Red October all over again) and Oscar’s Obstacles Truck are definitely unique items.

usstomclancy_menu oscarsobstaclestruck_menu

The sub is a great addition to the waters of Springfield.  A cool addition to any Squidport, I’ve already seen some really unique ideas including putting near a beachside Power Plant for refueling.  Just off the top of my head, it’d also be pretty interesting outside the Volcano Lair.  AT 50 donuts and a 2.25% bonus multiplier, it’s not too shabby either.

Nucular SubThis is from Peter (Neoclassic70).  Priceless.

The truck is also pretty sweet.  Another big guy (some how I just have a soft spot for large decorations, people and mammals), it works so well with shops in a town.  I haven’t seen anything that’s wowed me yet but I’m brainstorming my own ides for how this is going to fit into Wookieetown.

Region Capture

If you have the time, show us any of your incorporations for the new items over at the Addicts Flickr page (TSTOAddicts) or drop a link down in the comments.  Great minds often think alike and I’ve been told that imitation really is the highest form of flattery.

What do you think about the tie-in items?  I am highly looking forward to the new episode and here at Addicts we will definitely have a recap of the episode for all our friends that can’t watch it right away.  Here’s Fox’s teaser clip for the episode.

Good news about the tie-in, our next update really should be the Holiday Event Extravaganza!  EA snuck us these little tidbits and snow is looming on the horizon.  When will that be?  Only EA know, but as it takes 28 hours to complete this new update and considering the tie-in angle, it’d make sense to wait until after the new episode.  My guess is Monday at the earliest.

Well, enough rambling by me for one day.  Thanks for stopping by.  Wookiee out!

45 responses to “Random Fuzzy Thoughts on the New Tie-In

  1. So today I received a notification on my ipad saying that today is the last day to get the free episode stuff, I’m pretty sure that the Christmas update comes tomorrow!!!!!

  2. Ive reliased the new episode was today so wheres the update at this rate xmas would be over with by the time they have done the update

  3. I can’t wait for the Christmas update! Feel free to add me. cassidy653

  4. Episode tie ins are nice, but I would much rather see some classic episode tie ins. That’s why I spent donuts to get Kamp Krusty. I would like more classic costumes like devil Flanders, dracula Burns and patriotic Apu. Maybe a Rory B. Bellows skin for Krusty. Or a Colonel Homer skin. Or officer Marge. Also, some of my favorite tasks came with the sunsphere! Once again, classic stuff is so much fun!

    • Completely agree Gino. I love when classic stuff is incorporated into the game. I’m always hopeful for the Springfield Monorail and Devil’s Gorge joining the game. We will keep seeing the current tie-ins but here’s to hoping your wish is granted.

  5. I can’t wait for the update! I was told from a different site that i was suppose to be the 3rd. the anticipation!!! Anyways, add me: reatherrue

  6. Hi everyone! Desperate for xmas update here. Ive saved $500000 in preparation! Any news?

  7. https://www.flickr.com/photos/alunited/11233211093/

    Loved this comment……

  8. thumbs up for the snow….thanks alissa

  9. OzzieandtheStraw

    In my opinion the best spot for the truck is at fat Tony’s social club. Unloading hijacked cigarettes (Laramie’s)

  10. And now I just realised I called the submarine a torpedo, I think I am having a bad brain day!

  11. Umm, just read some older posts and have found the answer to my own question, must learn to be more thorough. Thank you!!!

  12. Hi, the torpedo appeared in my inventory but there is no sign of a truck…does anyone have any idea why please?

  13. I’m so desperate for the Christmas update that I bought the funzos }:(

    I really wish I had a cool brown house

  14. https://www.flickr.com/photos/alunited/11217974666/

    These mini updates are often well cool, love this one cannae wait to get to the truck.

  15. The big rig doesn’t look too awful behind the brewery either; made a good fit for my Springfield’s industrial area. Every city needs one of those industrial, bad parts of town…

  16. Now I love you guys, but most of you claim to be extremely anti cheaters. One person especially comes to mind; COG. Yet this picture blatantly screams hack with over 200k donuts… I’m aware this may not be your town but you implied that it was. Correct me if I’m wrong however it seems hypocritical on behalf of all you tips sites

    • Thank you for pointing that out. I’m not quite sure where Wookiee got that screen grab from, I do however know he’s currently on level 37 so I don’t think it’s from his game.
      We do not, in any way, shape or form, endorse cheating or hacking. And if it’s something I find that one of our writers is doing, I can assure you they will no longer be writing for Addicts.
      We do invest a significant amount of money into 1 game in which all of the writers share. We all chipped in money to ensure we had a town for our writers to use in providing content to our readers in the quickest possible way. It allows us to be able to get up to date information to you without going to outside sources. Our readers are our priority and getting you accurate information properly is always our goal. We still stand firm by our standards…NO HACKS! NO CHEATS! We pride ourselves on following EA standards. We will never be about the money on this site. Making it the best for YOU has been and always will be our focus.

    • Thank you so much for pointing this out. That’ll teach me for being lazy, finding a random screenshot and posting it since I didn’t have the truck. Everything Alissa said is spot on. She’d beat each and every one of us if we were cheating the system. She now knows where I hide my Spicy Jalapeno Cheetos but oh well…

  17. I want that fancy moe house so bad to return so I can get that in my town!!!!

  18. nice post!! I for one love them both. I got my truck off loading at Sprawl-mart

  19. I don’t know about all that… i think it’s gonna snow in Springfeild TODAY! 🙂 Does anyone agree???

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