Yellow Subterfuge Sailing Off, Is Snow On the Horizon?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

By now we’re all truly feeling like kids at Christmas waiting for Santa (is he here yet, is he here yet)!  We’re all anxiously awaiting the Christmas Update drop from EA (SNOW!!), but the truth is no one really knows when it’s going to hit.  EA is holding the “Christmas Cards” close to their chest this go round and they’ve got all of us Addicts on our toes (or hairy paws in the case of Wookiee & Bunny) as to when it’s going to hit.  

While we don’t exactly know when the update is going to drop there are a couple of things we can see in the game files.  The Yellow Subterfuge Episode Tie-In Update is scheduled to “dive” away tomorrow morning (Tuesday).  At which point Santa could make his appearance…or EA could just play more “reindeer games” with us and see just how crazy we can get! (I think Bunny’s already gone mad with the anticipation. Last we heard…the orderlies were hauling her out of her hotel room in a cute white jacket that allowed her to hug herself.)

Starting to feel like you’re going a little crazy? Worried you might turn into Bunny? Here are some things you can do to help you “Keep Calm and Tap On” while waiting for Santa:

-The Yellow Subterfuge Episode Tie-In IS ending on 12/10/13. So make sure you’ve completed the quest, you’ve unlocked Oscar’s Obstacles Truck (it will be stored in your inventory once you do. Once it’s in your inventory it will stay there forever, or until you remove it), and if you were thinking about purchasing the USS Tom Clancy you do so before tomorrow. Once the update is gone you’ll miss out on your chance to purchase the Submarine for your Squidport!

-Check out Wookiee’s latest WAWW- Holiday Edition for some fun predictions on what EA could be providing us with this year.

-Check out our Christmas Preview post, for some steps you can be doing to help prep you for the Christmas Event.

-Start planning your holiday design for our Christmas contest, where you can win FREE DONUTS!!

And now for a little homework….

Join the conversation and tell us in the comments below what you’re hoping for this Christmas update & what you’ve been doing to “Keep Calm & Tap On”. We love hearing for you and can’t wait to see what you’ve all been doing to keep from turning into Bunny while waiting for the update to hit! (or maybe you’ve turned into Bunny…in which case tell us how you’re going crazy…)

Here’s hoping the forecast tomorrow calls for a little snow in Springfield!  


25 responses to “Yellow Subterfuge Sailing Off, Is Snow On the Horizon?

  1. Add me and I’ll give 5 presents a day! Everyday player!
    Add me:

    🙂 I accept all invites!

  2. Woohoo I have the Christmas update and wow !

    (11-12-2013) 9:18pm western Australia, Australian time

  3. I started playing late September, so I am hoping to get last year’s Christmas stuff (Bowlarama, Santa’s Little Helper, Try-N-Save, Mr. Plow) with tons of cash, Christmas currency or an extremely discounted donuts price. But preferable not donuts cause I am penny pinching this year!

  4. I’m ready to snatch up every Christmas decoration this year since I wasn’t an addict last Christmas. Deffenitly gonna try and win this contest. Check my town out. Got an empty spot by my squid port ready to go. Add me. Younghussle. Level 37 play every day

  5. I’m over here doing the same thing blog, App Store, game, blog, App Store, game, etc…….. I hate snow and I have never wanted snow to happen more now than ever (of course in the game only). Please come on with the update already I’m going to be bald be the time it comes if u know what I mean!

  6. I dont think I’ve ever been more impatient in my life! I keep checking the blog, checking the AppStore, checking the game. Blog, AppStore, game, blog, AppStore, game…ahhhh! Gimme gimme! It’s snowing like mad outside my house today and I called out of work. I could really use a project to feed my obsession. EA, hear our plea and bring snow to Springfield. Today please! Addicts, let’s all wish really hard and maybe Santa will hear us and bring Christmas today. Everyone ready? On the count of three, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!

    • YOU???!!! I get to write all this stuff up for you guys…I want it to hit NOW…get my lil energizer bunny battery going on NOS. Lol

    • Welcome to the insanity Lekittynoir! At least you’re off of work today, this update is causing major ADD for me (and I’m supposed to be the sane one!). 🙂

  7. I’m pondering whether they’re going to do the twelve days of christmas scenario?

  8. Going so crazy waiting for the Christmas update that I’m going to eat “rabbit” for lunch!!!

  9. We’ll be seeing snow in Springfield tomorrow! Count on it! 🙂

  10. I have been excited, antsy, crazy, and now I am just plain mad. At the beginning of December I had money to buy boat loads of donuts but now I have decided not to be selfish and have spent it on Christmas presents. EA waited too long to drop snow on Springfield and I bet I am not the only one that feels this way.

    • Aww! Well be sure to enter our contest, where you can win free donuts!
      And yes…I think they waited just a little to long too, since now it’s only 15 days till Christmas! 🙂

  11. Hope it comes soon! I’d like to see the christmas tree farm or a holiday wood cabin. However i cant log in since yesterday ea tells me there is no connection. Does anybody know that? Otherwise i really need to Start from Zero and i was Level 30 🙁

  12. Christmas tree lot, please.
    Outdoor skating rink with all characters given skating tasks.
    Salvation Army style bell ringer with red donation bucket skin or task.
    Simpson’s car with tree tired to top.
    Leave gifts in friends Springfields.

  13. So ready! I’m gonna make the biggest Wookiee snow angel EVER.

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