Happy Lil Elves, Christmas Decorations, and Golden Coins


WOW EA!!! It didn’t just snow, it is a frakkin BLIZZARD in Springfield. So much content, so much going on, my poor lil Bunny brain is about to explode. 

Where to start…

Lets begin with a few simple things because I know some of you are already looking for this information. Much like with Halloween, we will have prizes both Individual and Community we will need to be collecting towards (Calendar coming soon). This time we are acquiring gift cards, gift bags, and golden coins. With the gift cards you can reach the Individual and Community prize levels. With the bags you can share with your neighbors and help them achieve the prize levels.

You will find these cards and bags “hidden” around your Springfield in the form of presents you will be collecting. Want more? There is a way to get more. In your “Limited Premium Christmas” items menu, there is the Elf Home for 60 donuts. (You also will WIN this item when you hit 6000 Gift Cards.)


Every 24 hours, the Lil Elf face will appear over the house.


Once tapped on, it will send 4 lil Elves all over your town to “find hidden gifts”. These will include the 3 mentioned above. You can place as many as these lil houses around your town as you want. Similar to the Ghost Zapper at Halloween, I noticed they only cover a limited space.

2013-12-10 15.23.29 2013-12-10 15.24.10

So if you only buy one, you will have to move it around to cover different areas you want the to go find hidden gifts at. It is nice to help you collect the prizes fast, but I will post more on a “Should I Buy” later for this.

Next item I wanted to bring your attention to. Many of you are looking for the lights and Christmas Decorations for the houses and how to get them. Look no further, they are part of a prize wheel. The Holiday Giveaway Wheel.


Now this little item will become your best friend. Once you have collected 250 Gift Cards, you will be able to receive the Egg Nog Bar.


Once every 24 hrs, the Egg Nog Bar will give you one Golden Coin (you will see how many you collected in the top right corner of your main screen.)

2013-12-10 15.31.19

To use it, you will click on the Coin icon and it will take you to an alternate screen with the Holiday Giveaway Wheel. Use your finger to spin it around. Once a prize is given out, a new one will take its place. So you can win TONS of items this way. (You need to earn at least one coin first for the dialog to start and the Wheel to be activated, you will get one from the Egg Nog Bar every 24hrs or from collecting gifts around town if you get lucky.)

Screenshot_2013-12-10-12-17-04 Screenshot_2013-12-10-12-16-57

The wheel has prizes on it like Christmas light Decorations for many homes and buildings, Character skins (like Homer Mr Plow), Snowmen, and Snow Monster to name a few.


So that is some more fun info for now. Still tons more to come as we continue to collect all this data and attempt to make sense of it. Lol.


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129 responses to “Happy Lil Elves, Christmas Decorations, and Golden Coins

  1. I have picked coins in my friends Springfield twice but I didn’t get an extra spin of the wheel. Where do these coins go?

  2. What’s wrong with the origin today? I’ve got kicked out like 100 of times till now :/

  3. I’m pretty thorough at collecting things through my town. They land in some pretty odd spots like water for instance but I scan regularly with my buildings transparent leaving me to wonder if these really are things we missed or if they are just extra cards thrown our way for having the elf town.

  4. I couldn’t begin to say why, but I just spent most of the morning building a Monte Carlo simulator to figure out how many spins a player would need to clear the wheel.

    My assumptions:
    1. Each spin is independent of every other spin (i.e., you don’t get a break on the next spin because you got a bad spin last time).

    2. The odds per bucket that were posted by spanser on the main forums (taken from the code itself) are correct.

    3. The odds aren’t going to change.

    4. [This one I’m actually not sure of]. There are 4 snowmen in each snowman bucket; 4 lights in each house lights bucket; 2 skins in the skins bucket; and one prize in each of the four unique buckets (Clause Co, Helter Shelter, Yeti, Ice God)

    5. The contestant had none of the prizes from last Christmas

    What is a Monte Carlo Simulation?
    I built mine in Excel. Essentially I built a spreadsheet that has 2000 random numbers to represent up to 2000 spins of the wheel. I then calculate what prize that random number represents, and keep track of how many prizes are left in that bucket. If it’s the last prize in the bucket and all of the other buckets are out of prizes I now the last prize and the spins taken.

    I then wrote a macro to replace the 2000 random numbers 10000 times and kept track of the results:

    Average Number of Spins to Empty the Wheel: 116.6

    Percentage of Players with Empty Wheels After X Spins
    No of Spins Percentage Complete
    27 0 [represents Egg Nog only]
    55 10.3 [break the 10 percent barrier]
    78 30.2 [represents Egg Nog & 3000 gc daily]
    101 50.0 [50/50 odds of emptying wheel]
    143 74.9 [almost 3/4 chance of emptying wheel]
    197 89.9 [almost 9/10 chance of emptying wheel]
    238 95.0 [19/20 chance]
    323 99.0
    432 99.9

    Miscellaneous Notes
    2 out 10000 simulations took only 29 spins!
    1 out of 10000 simulations took 589 spins!!!

    Last Prize Number of Simulations
    Houses #3 37
    Houses #2 39
    Houses #1 49
    Snowmen #1 285
    Snowmen #2 299
    Skins 1038
    Helter Shelter 1469
    Ice god 1526
    Yeti 2472
    Claus Co 2786

    Observation: The players (such as myself) who are new to the game but are heavy users aren’t likely to need any more spins than the heavy user who maxed out last Christmas. Only 7.1% of the time will we still be waiting on lights or a snowman when the unique prizes are complete (presumably in most of the 1038 simulations where the 2nd skin was the last prize received the 1st skins was not the second-to-last, however, I didn’t record the data with that level of granularity).

    If any of the people on the blog want me to send them the Excel file just shoot me an email. Also, if I have the number of prizes in a bucket wrong I can easily re-run the simulation with the correct data.

    • I am mega impressed with this Fibi. I think this falls into the “You might be an addict if…” category but I applaud yuor hard work especially because I would have never even thought of something like this. You are awesome and thanks for reading!

      • For what it’s worth there was a slight issue with my initial simulation – I had thought there were 12 sets of house lights, but there are 14.

        I have updated the results, but posted them on the Holiday Wheel post where they belong (and where I should have put them originally!)

        Note: it doesn’t change things all that much, which shouldn’t be too surprising since the lights fly off the wheel!

      • Thanks! I had fun doing this and appreciate all of the work you guys put into the site.

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  6. Does anyone have a trick for the coin wheel? Please add me lrodri50.

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  9. I’m becoming a COG(al)! I need lights for the houses we didn’t have last year and want, want, want those special buildings. I’ve seen a few towns with several of them. I’m playing two games and have gotten lights for the Simpsons and brown houses in my new town and three snow characters between them. I just got the Mr. Plow skin and that’s my best prize so far. In my primary game I’ve won $1,000 three times – IMO it’s the equivalent of getting three lemons when you have 3 million game dollars. At this rate I’ll be lucky if I get two of those buildings by Jan. 7. I don’t want to spend my precious donuts on extra tokens. Is that what the others are doing or am I just unlucky?

  10. Hi there. In my tapped out it says that I have all the personal prizes. But won’t give me anything for completing the collect 1000 gift cards. It’s kind of stuck like that. Is there anything I can do to fix it? Pls help

  11. So will we not have the chance to earn donuts with this update? I have yet to see donuts appear on the wheel, although last time I had three slots with money. Once I collect the various prizes on the wheel (I already got Skinner lights, and Homer mr. Plow skin, and Lisa snowman), there is no incentive for me to keep collecting cards without the promise of donuts. Also, I already had the lights from last year Christmas update, so I think I will run out of pain wheel prizes soon-ish.

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  15. Hey so I’m playing my tapped out Simpsons game the Christmas version of course and I’m having a little difficulty trying to find decorations for 3 houses the mission I’m on is “the face of the holidays pt 1” its telling me to decorate 3 houses but whenever I put up candy canes in front of the houses or around the sides it doesn’t do anything and I cant seem to find any Christmas lights to even decorate the house with please help! Also I don’t have any coins to the spin the wheel and iv only got like 1 doughnut so I cant really do much there. If there’s something I’m missing please please let me know so i can correct it lol ALSO please respond with your answer in my email thanks 🙂

    Sincerely very confused Jennifer 😛

    • Unfortunately, the wheel is the only way to get the lights for the houses. Fortunately, you don’t need to complete the face of the holidays quest in order to progress in the main quest line. So you can take your time earning the coins to spin the wheel. With 25 days left in the event & coins that will appear occasionally from gifts you should secure them before the event is over 🙂

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  19. Hey guys I just spent 2 doughnuts on speeding up the egg nog bar to use my first spin token and when I spun it I won the Christmas orange house but I did not revive it!!!!!!! Help!!!!!!!

    • Are you sure it’s not there? Tap on your Orange House and see if it’ll let you toggle between the non-decorated version and the decorated version. 🙂

  20. It’s snowing in Springfield but yet the ponds are not frozen….come on designers. Would be cool to have frozen water and characters go ice skating

  21. Is there any other way to get the skins for have three decorated houses besides waiting to spin them on the wheel I’m stuck at this it’s getting frustrating

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  24. I have 4000 gift cards now and I have yet to get a spin token at any of the 1000 gift card levels. What’s going on with that? I thought a spin token was given at each 1000 level?? Anyone else seeing this issue?

    • Nope a spin token is awarded as a bonus once you’ve collected all of the personal prizes you’ll receive 1 bonus token for every 1000 gift cards collected. However, it won’t happen until you’ve collected ALL of the personal prizes. Bunny’s Gift Card Calendar post talks about the bonus level a little more. 🙂

      • Thanks for cleaning that up. I’ve been playing without premium items. Was hoping this’d help get me a few extra spins. Looks like more tapping in my future. 🙂

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