No Grinching Around This Christmas: The Lowdown on Gil, Grumple & Gifts

Hey Howdy Hey Gift Grabbers!

You enjoying the first 3 days of the Christmas Update?  Are you staying on track with your Gift Card Grabbing? (check out Bunny’s Calendar to see if you’re on the right track)

We’ve been reading each and every one of your comments (we LOVE hearing from you guys, keep them coming!) and I wanted to take a moment to address a couple of questions that have come up over and over again in the comments.  A lot of you are asking “How Do I Get the Grumple?”, “I Want to Buy Donuts, Any truth to the Gil rumor?” & “Is EA planning any Christmas surprises? Like Thanksgiving.”  Well….we’ve finally gotten answers from our resident IT nerd and we’re happy to share all of the Addicts confirmed (from game files) info with our favorite fellow Addicts!

First up…let’s talk everyone’s favorite salesman Gil.  According to the files (viewed with our own bloodshot eyes) Gil WILL be making an appearance this event with a DONUT OFFER! (woohoo!)  It won’t be a discounted donut offer instead it looks as though it will be a bonus donut offer.  Similar to the deal that ran last Christmas, offering 25% more donuts with every pack. (so 12 donuts will become 15)  Looks as though it’s a one day only special and will ONLY be available on December 25th.  So if you have plans to drop some “dough” on those pink frosted donuts, you may just want to wait until Christmas to do so.  You’ll get more frosting for your dough!

Next up the deal with the Grumple and special bonus planned.  Warning SPOILERS ahead.  If you want to be surprised (and see what Santa brings you) don’t click read more…but if you’re like me…and enjoy searching for your Christmas presents before they’re under the tree click read more to find out what Santa’s bringing!  I knew I wasn’t the only one searching for those Christmas presents!  Busted!

The Grumple Who Stole Your Donuts
Ok, so maybe he’s really not going to steal your donuts but for those wondering just how the heck you unlock the Grumple look no further.  Much like the Grinch…the Grumple will unlock on Christmas Eve (December 24th).  The other good news?  The Grumple comes with a COMPLETE list of tasks (and a quest line)…so he will not be an unplayable character (woohoo!)

Sorry guys I forgot to mention this in the original post.  The Grumple will unlock for purchase on December 24th.  He will be a premium character and cost 120 donuts (yikes!  Ok so maybe he will steal your donuts!)

Christmas Bonus
EA is giving tappers a special bonus on Christmas morning…and no it’s not a 1 year membership in the “Jelly of the Month Club” so no need to send Cousin Eddie to kidnap anyone…no no instead EA is awarding DOUBLE event currency on Christmas Day (December 25th).  So be sure to “tap” on Christmas Day to get double the gift cards and double the fun!

And there you have it Gift Grabbing Tappers…all of the inside information on the Grumple, Gil & Gifts!

45 responses to “No Grinching Around This Christmas: The Lowdown on Gil, Grumple & Gifts

  1. Hope everyone had an awesome Christmas. I do not think my game gave me the double gift card bonus. I visited towns, but I’m only getting the usual 10 cards per tap. Disappointing. 🙁

  2. Hi, first time poster here. I collected all the personal prizes and all the spin prizes, so i can now get 1 spin for every 1000 giftcard. Do you think EA will change the prizes for those who have them all, to donuts or something eventually? Because I don’t think it’s that great that I have to collect 1000 giftcards and use them on a spin that possibly earns me 50 giftcards, if you know what I mean? That sucks :p I put so much time and effort in to this.. 🙂

    • Welcome to the madness! 🙂
      It’s doubtful at this point that EA will change the coding in the game to bring the wheel from GC to donuts. So while it’s annoying when you don’t need the gift cards anymore (and lucky you to have gotten all the spin prizes. I’ve burned through about 200 donuts and can’t land anywhere but cash. I think I have a problem ;)) there’s still a chance for in game cash. And also by playing and dropping gift bags to neighbors we’ll continue to unlock community prizes (and there are still 4 more to go).

  3. Will the Grumple be available to purchase with donuts for 24hr ONLY on Dec 24? Or will we be able to purchase him anytime from Dec 24 to the end of the event?

    • Pretty sure it unlocks on Christmas Eve and remains for the remainder of the event. But let me double check the game files to verify 🙂

      • Alissa? Did you verify the Grumple timing yet? I am shy the donuts to purchase, and don’t want to buy more until the 25th!

        • Should be there on the 24th and I believe he’ll be staying (at least until Gil rolls into town). So you should be good to wait till the Gil Deal to purchase more donuts, I know that’s my plan too! 🙂

  4. Thank you for the amazing blog & helpful tools/info.

    I hope this makes sense, gives all the needed info & helps someone else with a kindle fire who is needing donuts in the tapping world of TSTO.

    Amazon has a coin offer right now which you can use the coins on the kindle fire to buy donuts later in the app on 12/25 for the special deal on donuts to get a even better deal.

    Amazon coins cost is $21.00 for 2,500 coins ( ) is the same as $25.00 which is just over the needed amount for $19.99 or 1,999 coins which is how much 300 donuts before the 25% bonus (which would be 375 with the 25% bonus).

    I thought this might come in helpful to some like me who do not have the BowlaRama ( ) with the new plow king option might be a the time to buy such a thing.

    Happy Tapping. 🙂

  5. Good morning. I read somewhere that the upcoming Gil deal says you can 25% more donuts BUT it doesn’t really equate to 25% more. Did I dream that? I’ve been tapping so much I’ve lost track of what’s real and what’s not. 😉

    • haha that happens at times! I think i’ve lost track of what I’ve reality in the game at times. If it’s the same as last year it’s 25% more, but we won’t know for sure until it hits the game 🙂

  6. Sounds great! Wondering if these “one day” deals are to US pacific time.or are they adjusted to the players time zone

  7. Add Me

  8. I love the Christmas vacation reference. That’s awesome stuff right there 😉

  9. does anyone eles think we arent going to make the community prizes??

  10. Looks like I better save my donuts for the Grumple. Hopefully I get some iTunes gift cards for Christmas, haha.

  11. After Ned did his mission for gift cards, the mission was not left in his character. Is this a glitch?

  12. The temptation to spend money on this game is overwhelming!! and yet somehow I remain a freemium player. 🙂 I do have an intense craving for more spin coins though… but I can’t spend my donuts, I’ve been saving up for the pet shop for so long and I’m almost there…

  13. If the double payout is true, then the best strategy is to hoard all the gift boxes and give them away on the “double day”. Do you think we will get two gift boxes instead of one as well? Or only the gift cards will be doubled?

  14. In the past when they’ve offered 25% extra donuts, did they also add more donuts to what you could win with a golden scratch-r or did those payouts stay the same?

  15. Wow i cant wait! I wanted now!

  16. It all sounds wonderful to me!

  17. Just want to say a big thanks to ALL of you guys for your help! My family’s been playing TSTO for almost a year but just found your website. I’ve learned a thing or two since!😉 You guys are awesome and make the game that much more fun! Happy Holidays!!!

    • Aww thank you! Glad you found us & thanks for the kind words! Happy we could be of help & Happy Holidays to you and your family as well! 🙂

  18. Hey, thanks for the info on Gil with the donuts bonus! Was not gonna spend money on this game but now i’m gonna buy the boat load on the 25th 🙂 thanks again!

  19. Any idea how many donuts the grumple will cost; or is he free?!


    • Hi Edgar. Sorry for not putting this in the post originally…the Grumple will cost 120 donuts. I’ve updated the post to reflect this. 🙂

      • Thank you!

        Do you know if he will still be available on the 25th because my now ingenious plan is to use the Gil offer and get my donuts worth and get myself the volcano lair AND the grumple!

        But if he’s not available on the 25th still…


        • Happy to be of help!
          I think he unlocks the 24th and will be around for the rest of the event for purchase. I’m sure a lot of tappers have the same idea with the Gil deal…myself included 🙂

  20. Thank you answers my questions around Gil and I have crashed my itune voucher…..mmmmm sweet doughnuts……high blood sugar level must buy Santa village…..

  21. Mmmm… double event currency.

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